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About The Author

Hey guys, I’m Eryka! My husband and I are raising our only child Izzy in upstate SC. I’m a Mainer and my husband is a Jersey boy. We met in the south, Georgia to be exact. We had our little baby GA peach and then moved back up north together. We all lived in Maine with our dogs for a few years & since moved to South Carolina.

What’s up with the blog name? My child, Izzy is my inspiration for so many things in life. She makes me want to be a better person. Like most kids, she also loves to test boundaries. She’s also one of the busiest kiddos I’ve met. The nickname busy little Izzy has always suited her perfectly and thus @busylittleizzy was born.

Educator/Former Teacher

I am a former special education teacher and Birth Through Five Education major. I also became further certified in K-5th grade general education and special education. I worked in brick and motor schools as a preschool gen ed teacher in a private school and as a special education preschool teacher in the public schools. I then went to work online as resource teacher for children in grades K-3rd. During that time I created curriculum guidelines for each grade I taught and individualized learning plans based on each students needs. I continued to work full time as an online resource teacher through the first year of Izzy’s life. To better give Izzy the attention I felt she needed, I left my full time position as a resource teacher.

I Eryka, have ADHD

I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 29. I openly discusses this on the blog and my social channels. You will mostly find discussions about this on my instagram and my instagram stories. I always knew there were struggles from childhood into adulthood, however this diagnoses has changed my life for the better. Everything has made sense now that I have this diagnosis. I continue to research ADHD and hope to help others with ADHD better understand their condition as well. I work towards finding techniques that will allow my to have the most “neurotypical” life.


About Busy Little Izzy Blog

You will find all of my places to travel (which includes lodging and food), tips on how we enjoy travel with our child, educational supports and activities, favorite fashions and shops, home decor, recipes and more. It’s really a little bit of everything in my life and my experiences navigating life which includes parenthood & healing.

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