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Our Bedtime Routine

Our Bedtime Routine

Bath time is one of my favorite parts of the day. One, because I survived motherhood another day. Two, it’s that fun part of the day when Izzy get’s to have some water play and quality time with mommy and daddy. Our routine for bath time 

Box Subscriptions

Box Subscriptions

Have you ever seen monthly goody boxes and wondered if you should get one? I have tried a bunch of brands and I’d love to share a couple with you. What’s more fun than happy mail? The two I’m reviewing will be the Tonttu Baby 

Baby Shower Gift Guide

Baby Shower Gift Guide

There are so many products out there and so many things you don’t know you need until you have a baby. I created a gift guide for either your registry or some fun items you will get your expecting spouse, friend or family memeber.


From mealtime, to teething, to bath time I’ve got a big list of fun products for you below.

You already know all about my love for the DockATot from my blog: Horrors Of The Crib. This is perfect for co-sleeping, crib sleeping, transitioning to a toddler bed and just lounging around.


Ergo has some amazing products for your growing baby. I love the Ergo Cocoon from  Ergo Pouch. This allows the baby to be safely snuggled and swaddled with the option of arms in or out. Izzy loved having her arms out while swaddled. Izzy now has the Ergo Pouch Sleep Suit.  It’s perfect for chilly nights in the winter or when the AC is cranking in the summer. You can zip the legs like a sleeping bag or zip them to be separate legs for crawling and walking. Did you know these products were acknowledged as “Hip-Healthy” products by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute

IMG_6223 IMG_6225


Teething and oral care can be supported by MAM. They have wonderful stages of brushes and teething supplies. Just a few from there selection the are the oral brush, the first brush and the oral care rabbit. Before brushing begins I recommend you start the routine with the oral brush at night. Izzy likes to practice using the products on her own. She was obviously not ready for bed in this picture. 



More oral care with a funky & unique spin can be found at three shops. Fin and Emma (the wooden camera teether/rattle), The Baby Odds (the cookie teething clip) and Little Toader (the amores). None of these are your typical teether but they all provide oral stimulation and support for your teething babe. Did you know Little Toader has numerous styles such as bacon and broccoli for your little one to teeth on? *Code IZZY15 gets you 15% off at The Baby Odds.


Mommy and baby chewelry is a must! Jewelry that your baby can chew, yes please! While Izzy was very young, before she was teething, I survived nursing scratches by giving Izzy something to hold. As she nursed she would play with a teething necklace from Getting Sew Crafty. Now she is older and under supervision she wears her own teething necklace. I only had to redirect her a few times to chew on her necklace instead of other items and now she knows she can chew it anytime she needs. Izzy has 10 teeth already, she has been working hard. Busyizzy15 gets you 15% off

IMG_6124 IMG_6348

With teething comes lots and lots of saliva. Finn and Emma has some adorable organic bandana bibs! These are a great gift to give because they have adjustable buttons in the back so they can grow with the baby. Izzy is 15 months and still teething, why not teeth in style right?

IMG_6076 IMG_6062

Bath time is so fun with your little one. The older Izzy gets the more fun it is because it’s a special bonding time. Zoocchini has been a brand we stand by for soft hooded towels (for babies and kids). If you saw her bedroom makeover post you would have seen her adorable unicorn hooded towel.

zoocchini towel and washcloth

Beyond towels they have bags, hats, swim diapers, underwear and more! For mealtime you can count of Zoocchini for an adorable bib. How cute is this little lamb design?


Wipes taste gross but Neat Cheeks taste good. They are naturally favored face wipes, how fun is that? This is the sweetest way to wipe your child’s face. Izzy currently is practicing wiping her own.


Meal time is such a fun bonding experience so I’m sharing a few products with you that I LOVE. NurturMe has amazing snacks and baby food that is perfect for your growing babe. If you love organic foods, then you will love this brand. I love the snacks that have real pieces of peas and broccoli… fun veggies another mom win!

bbox cup and spoon

Version 2… you are going to keep hearing about this brand from me because I’m in love with their products. I pretty much need all of them and you do to, so go check them out! They have award winning products and you will know why once you start using them.
IMG_5414 IMG_6182

Sue Sue’s Bonnets… need I say more? Baby bonnets are a must have! This is the cutest way to protect your little babe while sporting a vintage style. She has various styles such as adding elephant ears, bear ears & bunny ears too! Check her shop out and send her a message if you are interested in a custom order.

IMG_6215 izzy bonnet

Month to month stickers are a must. I loved tracking Izzy’s first year with them. Lucy Darling has some adorable goodies for new mommies. They have pregnancy belly stickers, baby books and closet organizers.


In the car or in the house it’s nice to listen to baby friendly music that doesn’t make you want to lose your mind. Baby Blanket Music give you this option… check out this John Mayer lullaby CD!


There is a new little shop I found called Go Baby Green and they have some super adorable and soft goodies for your babe(s). Go check out all of their products.


Sweet snuggle toys are the best, how cute is this taggy giraffe from TracyAnn Creations? She makes them in so many colors, go check out her shop for other handmade goodies.

IMG_6208 IMG_6120

Covered goods makes a adorable covers to go over you as you nurse, over an infant seat, a highchair or shopping cart. These mulitpurpose products are manufactured in the USA.


Lastly you will need a stylish diaper bag, and I always think a backpack style is best! Check out my post about dapperbag and how much I love my Durango.


~XO Eryka

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I received the mentioned items in this post in exchange for an honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Diaper Bag Love

Diaper Bag Love

Do you love your diaper bag? What is your favorite feature? I’m pretty much obsessed with my new diaper bag from dapperBag. All of their bags can be worn as a backpack, & this is my favorite feature. There are plenty of little pouches and 

10 Things you didn’t know before you became a mom

10 Things you didn’t know before you became a mom

Not in any particular order but I wanted to share 10 things you didn’t know before you became a new mom! If you are a mom, how many of these have you found to be true? Was there anything you would add to the list? 

Izzy’s Bedroom Makeover

Izzy’s Bedroom Makeover

If you didn’t know, we moved right before Izzy’s first birthday. I knew that I didn’t want to put up the same decor we had in her nursery. I wanted to have something different and something she could grow into. If I was going to have to decorate again, why not start ahead of the game so I’m not redecorating in a year. So what happened to all of her other decor? I look majority of her decor and put it in bathroom. Her room had a lot of elephants so I think that’s fitting for a bathroom, don’t you?

So here it is, her bedroom reveal!




First things first I needed a color scheme and theme. I decided on baby pink, gold, bright teal and gray. Baby pink, gold and gray were her colors in her nursery and I wanted to keep those and add a bright color to the mix.


I decided to go a little less finished with some farm & rustic pieces such as mason jars and a window for decor. I added a little detail to my mason jars to help camouflage the bright bows inside. How cute is this window? I got it for $10.00 at an antiques shop and painted it teal. And what do you think of the dream catcher I made?


Of course Izzy needs some headbands, bows, crowns and necklaces out for display.

I really don’t like to paint walls so to add an extra element to her bedroom I added gold feather decals from Feelin’ it Decals. They came out beautiful and were super easy to apply. I started putting the feathers in the top corner and had them placed as if they were falling or blowing from up there. You can find these feathers here.


Above the crib I wanted to do something different. I feel like everyone does the monogram, I admit I had her initials framed in her nursery. I found the beautiful framed dream catcher and arrows at Hobby Lobby. The arrows where a blush color so I covered that with white paint.


To add another touch of gold I got some sheets from TheBabyOdds. This shop has more than sheets, you can also find boppy pillow covers, teethers and more. Save 15% in this shop with code IZZY15.


A crib wouldn’t be complete without a DockATot. If you want to know more about this product see my post here. Izzy doesn’t just like to sleep in it, she loves to play in it. She brings books and toys into her DockATot as a snuggly play area.


Every detail in this room was planned, including this darling pillow from Luvi Shell that Izzy loves to carry around and lay on. Buy a one of these pillows hereUse code IZZY for 15% off your order.  


Lastly the floor. I’m not in love with my carpet color but this home was a spec home, we didn’t want to build with a baby to move. The carpet was already chosen, we prefer darker. My husband and I decided once Izzy gets a little older we will put down new carpet. Needless to say, we wanted to cover it. Lorena Canals has the best rugs for your home. No matter if someone pukes on them, spits up or the dog pees, you can throw their rugs into the washing machine. How amazing is that? Shop these amazing rugs here.





XO Eryka

I received the mentioned items in this post in exchange for an honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Our Summer Activities

Our Summer Activities

  So far this summer we have been keeping busy. It got hot so quickly here in Georgia. We hardly had a spring so we found a couple things to do so we can stay cool. I’ve listed some great activities to do with your 

Organic Baby Food

Organic Baby Food

As a new mommy, did you buy organic foods and then make your own baby food? As a soon to be mommy are you thinking about it? I did it and still do make applesauce in re usable pouches for Izzy. I like to really 

What’s In My Diaper Bag?

What’s In My Diaper Bag?

Do you ever wonder what other moms have in their diaper bag? What items can’t they live without? Well I’m sharing with you what is in my diaper bag…  minus the receipts or dirty wet wipes.

Here is it, my diaper bag!

It’s a Timi and Leslie bag called Charlie. I’m pretty obsessed because not only is it beautiful but it’s BIG! I love having space to throw all of Izzy’s goodies in my bag. This bag is a 7 piece set. It comes with an adjustable cross body bag, changing pad, zippered sac to put away soiled clothes, insulated bottle tote, matching stroller straps & a stylish clutch.  I love to put Izzy’s iced water bottle in the bottle tote because it keeps the sweat from getting things in the bag wet. Yes all of this comes with the bag!!!


So WHAT is in my diaper bag?

Diapers and wipes are obviously in my diaper bag, but you may not have known what kind. We use and LOVE The Honest Company diapers and wipes. There are so many fun designs to chose from and more importantly there are no harsh chemicals in their diapers. Did you know the diapers have a plant-based (PLA) inner and outer layer? The diapers are super absorbent and filled with fluff pulp harvested from sustainably managed forests. There is no chlorine processing or harsh chemical bleaches, no fragrances, lotions, or latex used on these diapers.



Teething supplies! Even though Izzy doesn’t use a pacifier these wipes from MAM are great to have on hand because you can wipe any toy or teether that needs to be cleaned.We are enjoying the MAM teethers as well. Izzy is still working on her teeth and chewing all the time so I’m always sure to have a couple MAM teethers in my diaper bag.



Organization is KEY! Nothing like misplacing a paci, your mascara or even sunglasses. These Itzy Ritzy reusable snack & everything bags are a must! The inside is water resistant so you can even put snacks such as blueberries inside! They are BPA free, lead free, phthalate free and PVC free. So that’s a mom win right there!




Food and Hydration! Nuby has some wonderful products for your diaper bag. These are items you will always see me with. If you saw my post Eating Out With A Self Feeder & Surviving The Grocery Store you know all about these awesome products. I like to fill the water bottle with ice and water and put it in the bottle tote that comes with the diaper bag. The snack container is obviously a must because all kids love to snack. I love the Nuby Keepeez harness! It’s great for keeping the bottle or snack container from hitting the floor. Lastly but not least of the Nuby crew in my diaper bag, the food mat, which is now available on amazon! It’s small and perfect for a travel plate. Again, for more details visit the blogs noted above, they are live links.




Silikids also have some great products for feeding. The Silikids siliskin sippy cup and straw cup are a must have. These covers stretch over the tops of multiple sized cups. So even if you don’t have the one from Silikids you can cover a cup at a restaurant. They are silicone, dishwasher & microwave safe and excellent at preventing spills!


If you saw my post Eating Out With a Self Feeder you know all about the bib & travel cutlery kit. Today I’m just reminding you these AMAZING items are in my diaper bag and you should have them too. The bib zips up into it’s self and the cutely set has a case so no mess goes into the diaper bag! What is better than no mess?


Entertainment for the kiddies! Books are a wonderful tool to have on hand. You are supporting your childs early literary skills by giving them the chance to look through a book. BabyLit books are one of our favorite brands. Pride & Prejudice was the first book Izzy became very interested in. She also learned to turn book pages with that very book. This company has classics and vibrant illustrations that will be sure to keep your child’s attention.


There you have it, you now know what is in my diaper bag.

What items must you always have in your diaper bag?IMG_4618

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Gross Motor in the Summer

Gross Motor in the Summer

When summer comes we spend a lot of time outside and this means a chance for so much gross motor development. Gross motor development is very important and involves large motions or movements with muscles in thee torso, arms and legs and feet. Some examples are