Peek Into My Dream Mompreneur Office

Peek Into My Dream Mompreneur Office

I partnered with Dorel Living and Baby Relax to share some of there items we love and how to use them in an office space. As always all opinions are 100% mine. This post contains some affiliate links. I may receive a small commission from purchases through these links. This commission helps to keep this blog running.

I love seeing color, color pops makes me happy. This you know if you regularly follow me on Instagram. My office is a space I need to feel relaxed in, after all this is where I create content for my blog and brainstorm ideas. This is also why I tried to pick simple pieces. I wanted the room to have decor and things going on, but I didn’t want it to feel overly busy.

You’ll see I created a special space for Izzy as well. Why? Well I’m a working at home mom and when Izzy is here with me I want her to have a sense of pride that she has an office desk and space to work also. My hope was she would attend to tasks longer without asking for my attention, because she is “working” too. So far it really has helped and she is excited to come in here and “work” with me. Not to mention, I am able to teach her the importance of keeping a cleaned up and organized work space.

I linked the office furniture and decor pieces here, along with similar pieces.

Alright guys, you know me… I try to let my photos speak for me, so I’ll reduce the text from here.

Ready, set, go check out my office!

All the decor was found at Target and T.J.maxx… yes I’m a maxxinista lol. Oh and, yes that’s a google mini. I think it’s a must, I can ask the mini questions without having to open a new browser on my computer. I can also ask the mini to set timers for me, which having ADHD this is SUPER important. I am easily distractible and people with ADHD struggle with time. It’s called time blindness. I also use the mini to talk with someone down stairs or in other rooms. I don’t have yell downstairs, I can broadcast a message through the house. We have a google home in our kitchen, my husband has a mini in his office and we have a mini in our master bedroom. So pretty much anywhere in the house you will hear the message. Okay, I’ll stop geeking out on you. ha!

I find inspirational quotes to be a must in each room and I try to have at least one piece of art that has a positive message. I feel in love when I stumbled on this one!

These Moriah Nesting Tables from Dorel Living are one of my favorites in this room. I love that they tuck in and give fun dimension, but can also be taken out and used as 2 tables. Sometimes I use one for my lunch and one for my laptop when I move from my desk to sitting in the chair.

The yellow candle, flower holder and picture frame are all Target finds. The flowers I found at T.J. Maxx.

The Dorel Living Accent Chair is super comfortable and my husband was pretty excited about it. He has even sat up here with me and worked in this chair while I worked at my desk. It comes in 2 colors, but I felt this beige was a better choice for the room. It’s like that chair was made for those nesting tables, right?

The ottoman was a college, back to school find at Target… $16. I know, awesome deal right? It opens for storage too! It was the perfect add to that area.

Okay, here comes some of Izzy’s stuff! Baby Relax makes super darling pieces for babies and kids. How precious is this table? It comes in gray or white, we went with white for the office. It’s very sturdy and Izzy lightweight. Izzy can easily move the chairs around the table.

I put a rug under her table because accidents happen. I wanted something that if play doh, paint or glue make it to the floor… I can hopefully protect the carpet. Yes, it’s a Target find.

This removable wallpaper is one of my favs! You can find more details on it here.

This Dorel Living Moriah Entertainment Unit is such a fun piece! I love how it’s simple and offers a ton of storage for this room. It’s long and sleek and allows for me to add more storage with baskets underneath. Each basket is filled with a different activity for Izzy, such as blocks, play doh, counting bears and early counting and subtracting puzzle cards. Inside the unit is where I keep my office items.

Now, this is MY office so I didn’t want Izzy in the closet or other furniture where I keep my things. This is why I created a little area for her to find all her favorite things to craft away & play.

Being an educator I see the importance in allowing children to display their work. Izzy has taken time to create these pieces and they should be proudly displayed. Izzy loves hanging up her work!

A comfy place to relax and watch a show or read books, while I get a few things done? Of course I made sure this room has that too. Izzy and I have already cozied up together here and read some books.

That’s a wrap! Hope you guys loved my office space.

I linked my office and other fun ideas here for you.

XO Eryka



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