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How To Make Traveling With Kids Easier

How To Make Traveling With Kids Easier

This post may contain affiliate links. A purchase made from these links may bring this blog a small commission, which helps keep the blog running. Traveling can be stressful especially when you travel with children. I have been traveling with Izzy since she was 3 

Tips For Flying With Toddlers/Kids

Tips For Flying With Toddlers/Kids

Thank you Fly Tot for sponsoring this post; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Flying with your child can sound super scary, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. The first time I flew with Izzy she was 4 months old and I 

Mommy Car Kit – Must Haves

Mommy Car Kit – Must Haves

I received the mentioned items in this post in exchange for an honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Car kit, what’s that? Uh I don’t know if it’s really a thing so if not, then it is now. In my car I keep a lot of just in case and daily need items. So I’m sharing with you all how to organize those things and what you really need!

 First things first you need to make sure you have all of your diapering or potty needs.

This list could include: A portable potty, diapers, pull ups, extra undies, wipes, mini trash bags, and a changing pad.

“But all of this stuff is in my diaper bag!” Okay, what if you forget to stock the the diaper bag, or worse, you forget it all together!? That’s going to be a disaster and that is why I keep my portable bathroom area in the car.

What do I have in my car for potty needs?

1. Bambo Nature Diapers & Training Pants
2. Bambo Nature wipes
3. Trash bags
4. b.box diaper caddy
5. b.box wipes diaper wallet
6. b.box changing pad
7. Portable potty



See those Bambo Nature training pants peeking out? These are my favorite diapers! They are so freaking soft and safe for your baby’s bottom! Not to mention they saved us from major blow outs and leaking… #momwin



In the bottom of the b.box diaper wallet there is another compartment where I keep first aid stuff for Izzy. You just never know right? I think you should always have some first aid supplies in the car.


Beyond the potty needs are the just plain… NEEDS! Right? These toddlers, babies and kids NEED so much! I put all the day to day needs in my Ju-Ju-Be bag.

Just an FYI, all of the Queen of the Jungle collection is on sale! 😉


I love this Ju-Ju-Be bag the style is called Super Be. It is a large tote with so many different pockets that you can easily organize all of your child(s) things. I like using a tote because you can easily grab it and carry it into the house to restock or re organize if things get thrown around.

So what is in my Ju-Ju-Be?

1. b.box bowl and straw
2. ZoLi Squeak water bottle
3. ZoLi Nosh ceramic bowl and plate set
4. ZoLi Fooni, stainless steel spork (spoon and fork)
5. Ju-Ju-Be bib
6. Snap and Shop tray
7. Extra jacket from Poetic Kids
8. Change of clothes
9. Toys & books
10. Toddler sunglasses
11. Winter hat & sun hat
12. Blanket


Just a little peek at the inside for you!

3 big front pockets and a hidden zipper pocket too!


I know what you are thinking.. what is this thing? It’s the snap and shop product that every mom needs for the grocery store! You clip it onto the cart handle and it holds their snack while you shop. Pretty genius really! Another one of those products you wonder why you didn’t invent it. 😉


This is the b.box bowl and straw. It’s great for soup, fruit cocktail snacks, dry snacks… uh lets just say it is amazing and you need one for the car and for the home. 


The Ju-Ju-Be bib comes with a pouch to put it in, once used.. so nothing else gets dirty.


Poetic Kids have so many different clothes. How darling is this little sweater? You should always have extra clothes and cover ups in the car.


All I’m going to say about ZoLi is, check them out! They have so many products that you would benefit from. Like the spork, genius and it’s actually not super dull like most kids forks. Izzy can’t stab food if the fork is dull.. I mean hello, talk about frustrating!

Bottom line, turn your car from this…


To this!


Have fun organizing!

I hope I sparked some thoughts on what to have in your car and how to best organize it.

XO Eryka