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Tips For Flying With Toddlers/Kids

Tips For Flying With Toddlers/Kids

Thank you Fly Tot for sponsoring this post; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Flying with your child can sound super scary, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. The first time I flew with Izzy she was 4 months old and I 

Toddler Mealtime Independence

Toddler Mealtime Independence

I received the mentioned products from Nuby for an honest review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. As you all know I’ve been guiding Izzy to be as independent as she can be. Mealtime is such an important time for her to 

Bed Time Must Haves

Bed Time Must Haves

I received the shared products for an honest review. This post also contains some affiliate and referral links. Special thank you to Hatch Baby for sponsoring this post. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Bedtime isn’t always so easy and you all know I’m always looking for things to make my life just a little easier! Well I don’t think you will be disappointed with this post and I’m sure you will find some items you may have never heard about before.

So what can’t we live without for Izzy’s bedtime?

1. Bath & Teeth

We love Ubbi bath toys and their extendable bath toy organizer. After bath we snuggle Izzy in her Zoocchini bath towel, I’ve explained before why I love this company and their super soft and absorbent towels. For teeth time Jack N’ Jill has the products for you. Izzy loves the electric toothbrush.

2. PJs & Staying Warm

When it’s bedtime and it’s going to be a chilly night Izzy doesn’t know she cover herself in a blanket so she stays cozy in a Sleep Kicker from baby deedee. PJs we love Finn and Emma, they are soft and organic.

3. In The Bed

Izzy has been loving her Dock A Tot since we got it. I’m a fan of how cozy she feels in it and how it keeps her feet inside the crib. Dock A Tot now has a travel bag which is going to be perfect for our summer travels to Maine! Cloud B makes adorable stuffed “night lights” that your kids can control in their bed/crib.

4. Night Light & Sound Machine

The new Hatch Baby Rest is a must have! From infancy and on. The night light, sounds machine and ready to wake options will have you saying, “wow.” The colored night light options that you can control on the machine itself or via an app are seriously so cool.

Izzy recently became a little frightened of the dark and we were not sure what kind of nightlight to get for her room. I love the Hatch because each different time of the day for Izzy I programed her Hatch color. For example, green turns on in the am letting her know it’s okay to be awake and mommy will come to get you soon. You can also brighten and dim the light so it gives off more or less light.

This brings me to the sleep times. You can set the machine to turn on via a specific nap or bed time and last though the nap/bed or turn on to a different setting for a “ready to wake”. Letting your child know it’s okay to get out of bed or that someone will be coming in soon. I even have it turn on at bedtime automatically. Guys, ONE LESS THING TO DO!

You can also shop coverlets to add an extra flare and coordinate with the bedroom/nursery decor.

A simple touch to the top will change the colors. Also check under the bottom to control the volume and sounds.

Check Out The App

I extend the time for naps and bed incase she has a day she goes down late or happens to sleep longer.


I can directly control the settings from my phone during the day.

Okay guys, time to brag on the Hatch Baby Rest. My husband is a software engineer and was seriously wowed by this machine. I don’t often wow him with Izzy’s products so that really made me smile. Please at the very least check them out. If you are a parent or parent to be buy it or put it on your registry. You won’t regret it. I only wish I had this sooner!

XO Eryka

Pumpkin Pops with Gerber Lil’ Bits

Pumpkin Pops with Gerber Lil’ Bits

If you are looking to make a sweet treat for a baby/toddler get together or party here is a delicious and adorable way to incorporate fall and a healthy ice pop. What you need: Gerber lil’ bits, cake pop mold, cake pop sticks, food coloring, scissors 

Fall Fun & Language with Z Dough

Fall Fun & Language with Z Dough

Teaching children language doesn’t have to be boring. Actually the best way to work on language is through play. Engaging your child and getting their whole body involved will help their brain stay turned on and focused. Izzy, like most kids, loves to explore clay.