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Exposing Your Child to Books that Teach Compassion, Kindness, Respect & Love

Exposing Your Child to Books that Teach Compassion, Kindness, Respect & Love

In our home it is very important that we teach love and compassion. Since Izzy was a baby we have not only talked about these things, but read books to Izzy that expose her to different cultures and skin tones and also books that teach 

Tips for Cleaner Eating During the Week

Tips for Cleaner Eating During the Week

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Conagra Brands. We moved this past spring, and I fell out of daily routines. I finally felt settled, just in time for more changes. Izzy started school & she’s been home with me the whole 4.5 

Tips For Flying With Toddlers/Kids

Tips For Flying With Toddlers/Kids

Thank you Fly Tot for sponsoring this post; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Flying with your child can sound super scary, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. The first time I flew with Izzy she was 4 months old and I pretty much nursed her anytime she was upset…so it was “easy”. Once your baby becomes more of an explorer (& especially once they get their own seat) these tips will come in handy.

1. Coloring

We love color wonder markers and scented crayons. The color wonder keeps from Izzy from making a mess and the scented crayons make coloring a little more interesting.

2. Toys

We brought just a few small toys for Izzy in her carry on, along with tiny travel sizes of play doh.

3. Fly Tot

This is one of those inventions you wish you thought of. But honestly this was our first time having Izzy fly with her own seat. You know what, we wanted to utilize that space. So when I saw the Fly Tot I had to give it a whirl. Guys it’s super lightweight, easy to inflate and deflate and honestly a must for flying with kids. It acts as a seat extender for your child when flying. This way they can lay down and sleep during those early morning or late night flights. They can even lay on their back and watch a movie on their iPad, like Izzy did. Or they can lay on their tummy and have extra space to color, play and snack.

Here is Izzy passed out on our very early morning flight utilizing her extra seat space.

Keep in mind you are to inflate the Fly Tot after take off. Here are some FAQs that may be helpful if you have questions. Fly Tot is accepted on over 50 airlines worldwide. So I highly suggest you try it out. We will be bringing it with us every flight from here on out!

4. Snacks

Snacks a must at home and out and about, so of course they are a must when flying! I typically bring 4-5 types of snacks Izzy likes and a little treat. A treat for her is gummies or recently we flew around the holidays the mini candy canes. She loves them! If your child is near melt down mode the treat will come in handy. Chose your battles guys, and I suggest not to battle on a plane. I also always check (put snacks in a checked bag) a bunch of snacks for Izzy too so I have some to restock the bag for flying home and have her favorite snacks while we are on vacation.

6. Favorite Cup

You will want to pack a favorite cup for your child. Although the cup needs to be empty as you go through security, you’ll want it later to fill up. Once on the plane or in the airport before heading to the gate I’ll get water to fill Izzy’s water bottle/spill proof cup with.

7. Electronics

Izzy has an iPad. Yes I’m THAT parent! She gets to use the iPad in the car or traveling on a plane, in the airport etc. If you let your kid use it all the time they won’t be as excited or engaged when you hand it over. Plus… they really shouldn’t be staring at a screen all day.

Let me know if you have tried any of these or if you have any tips for me! Happy Traveling!

XO Eryka

Guest Post- Stang & Co

Guest Post- Stang & Co

When I started blogging I had no idea that I would be meeting so many wonderful women. I have found a tribe of uplifting and encouraging women on my journey as a blogger. Today I’m sharing a guest post of gorgeous Mackensey, a sweet boy 

14 Things I Didn’t Know About Being A Mom Until I Became One

14 Things I Didn’t Know About Being A Mom Until I Became One

Special thank you to Banky Girl Creations for collaborating with me & for the gifted mom gear. 1. Recovery from birth may be more traumatizing than the actual birth. Am I right? And maybe it’s more traumatizing because no one warns you!!! Everyone says how 

To That Mom In The Store With Child Throwing A Tantrum

To That Mom In The Store With Child Throwing A Tantrum

To That Mom In The Store With  The Child Throwing A Tantrum

Ever been in a store and your child completely melts down? Like the ultimate tantrum?!

Outsiders think, what the hell is wrong with that kid? OR If I had a kid they would NEVER behave that way. OR That child is such a spoiled brat.

While some of these assumptions may be true, they were not true for me. My kid simply decided after she gave me the ice pops to ring up at self checkout she actually wasn’t ready to give them up just yet and lost it.

Here is the story:

The night before was the 4th and Izzy was afraid of the fireworks… duh she’s 2!

So we let her stay up and snuggled her while watching Mickey Mouse to ease her anxiety.

Well she may have slept in a tiny bit longer than normal, but not much. Missed sleep in a toddler…. um recipe for disaster.

I took Izzy to the grocery store, as I always do. She runs all my errands with me.

She was doing well shopping, no tantrum or misbehavior in sight. When we went to snag her & daddy’s favorite ice pops she asked to carry the box. I told her it was cold, but she insisted.

I figured, what the heck… sure!

We got to the self check out and I started ringing up our food. I had 4 items left and Izzy asked me to ring up the ice pops. So I said, “Are you sure? Mommy is going to scan them, then they are going in the bag.” She pushed the box further to me and said, “Mommy scan ice pops.”

I scanned the damn ice pops, bagged them and then all hell broke loose.

Izzy immediately threw herself to the floor crying and yelling, “icccce pops”. Being a teacher and having worked with behaviors, I told her to get off the floor and stand up.  “Izzy the floor is dirty and yucky, stand up please.” I continued scanning more products and then Izzy got up and started hitting my leg.

Ignore the behavior, I kept telling myself. But I was really starting to get embarrassed. There was a long line and my short turn at the self checkout was turning into a LONG one.

Can I just say I take pride in how quickly I can check out with 10+ items compared to someone with 3?

Anyway… Izzy then grabbed the bags off the weighted area and the food in them went all over the floor. Cans were rolling around. NO ONE CAME OVER TO HELP! I cleaned up the floor while now holding Izzy in one arm. I finished scanning my last items as Izzy now decided to start hitting me in the face.

By the way, it’s not easy to one handed catch two little fits rapid fire smacking you in the face.

So I finally finished checking out and left.

I was absolutely humiliated!

I came home & my husband, who was working from home, happened to be downstairs. He came out to the garage to help me carry in groceries.

I burst into tears and told him Izzy had the WORST tantrum ever and was hitting me in the face in public.

He took Izzy in and spoke to her while I collected myself putting groceries away.

I was back and on forth on writing and publishing this, but I hope it helps someone feel less embarrassed when it happens to them.

So to the mom in the store with the child throwing a tantrum, I can relate. You are not alone and should not feel like you haven’t done your job as a mother. Kids are constantly testing, kids get tired and cranky like us. They just don’t care and are not embarrassed by acting a fool in public. They slowly have to be taught social norms and how to deal with their emotions. This is definitely not something to be mastered by 2.

Most importantly take a beep breath!

XO Eryka

Hyperemesis Gravidarum sucks, stop telling me every pregnancy is different!

Hyperemesis Gravidarum sucks, stop telling me every pregnancy is different!

Hyperemesis gravidarum is different for everyone, yet miserable for everyone who has it. Have you heard of hyperemesis gravidarum? It’s freaking miserable! Like so terrible! I can’t explain my fear of HG except to tell you my kid is 2 and I’m still petrified by the thought of 

Stress Free Cooking with Dinner Thyme

Stress Free Cooking with Dinner Thyme

I received the mentioned food  from Dinner Thyme for an honest review. Special thank you to Dinner Thyme for sponsoring this post.  As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Izzy wasn’t the only one excited to see our Dinner Thyme box arrive! Cooking dinner can 

Toddler Wearing – A Must Try with LILLEbaby

Toddler Wearing – A Must Try with LILLEbaby

I received the shared products from for an honest review.  As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. This post also contains affiliate links, purchases from these links can bring me a small profit and keep the blog running.

Toddler wearing is a must in this house. I wore Izzy as a baby because she hated her baby swing, comfort nursed and was breastfed on demand. I had things to do, like cook, grocery shop, do laundry and I was working from home full time. I honestly don’t know how moms, of needy babes like mine, get anything done without wearing their child. If you are pregnant, get one!

The option to toddler wear is life changing. Just like it was when she was a baby. There are things I need to get done. Let me tell you, this kid only wants to be held when I’m cooking dinner, cleaning or doing something where I need my arms.

When do I toddler where? At home when doing chores, out when walking or hiking. Give your arms a break mamas!

What’s my favorite carrier?



I’ve tried many carriers and the most comfortable one I’ve used is the LILLEbaby ! I had girlfriends beg me to try and finally I agreed. Guys, I wish I had sooner.

Not only do they come in different colors, but there are different styles to suit the age and size of your child and the temperate. Yes, for warm days they have breathable carriers which I used when traveling in the airport. We all know running from one gate to the next gets you sweating!

Like my friends who urged me to try LILLEbaby I’m asking you to check them out and give their carriers a try. I’m pretty certain you will fall in love with LILLEbaby like I did.

Happy Baby & Toddler Wearing Mamas!

XO Eryka

Date Night In with Barilla

Date Night In with Barilla

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WonderfulYourWay #CollectiveBias The following content is intended for readers who are 21 or older. Date night, what’s that? I think we get one 1-2 times a month. If