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Staying Overnight With Grandparents

Staying Overnight With Grandparents

What is the worst thing about having your child stay the night somewhere else? All the crap you have to pack! Am I right? Babies and kids come with a lot of stuff! Joe and I are finally going on a trip, just the two 

Birthday Box

Birthday Box

Don’t know what to get a close girlfriend or relative for a birthday gift? Does your husband need some help or guidance on gifts? Then you need to take a look at Along Came A Box. If you decide to get one for a girlfriend, get 

Keeping A Healthy Relationship, After Baby

Keeping A Healthy Relationship, After Baby

If you think marriage is something to work at, try adding a baby to the mix. Keeping that spark alive is so important for your relationship and your child. Every child wants to see their parents in love.

finding time after baby

What can we all do to help our relationships? 

Have a date night. That doesn’t mean you have to get a sitter and go out, although I highly recommend it. Better yet, send you kid to the grandparents house for a sleepover. You can also feed your child and then once they are in bed, order take out and light some candles. Joe and I like to even sit on our front porch with some food after Izzy goes to bed and have a glass of wine. It’s nice to eat a meal and focus on each other.

Have a day date. The kid(s) are at school and you both took a half day or you got a sitter for the afternoon on the weekend. Maybe the grandparents are even willing to take your kid(s) or come over for a few hours while you and your better half run off to a movie or spa day/afternoon.

Go on a trip, alone! That’s right, no kid(s)! Family trips are fun, but let’s be honest they are also exhausting. You need alone time with your spouse. What is a better way to keep a healthy family for your child than keeping the love going strong for you and your spouse as a couple?

Joe and I will be enjoying our first baby free vacation next week and we are both giddy about it!

Check out my adorable tote and cosmetic pouch from ColorDunes that I’ll be bringing along our trip! It’s nice to spoil myself with goodies every once in a while!


It’s hard work to be a parent. It’s very difficult to keep those flames burning bright once you bring a child into your life because you become so busy and exhausted. Be sure to have a date night, go on a trip or make time for a day date.

ColorDunes has some gorgeous totes among other beautiful items for travel and home. A GIVEAWAY for your getaway tote is on Instagram, enter here!


XO Eryka

I received the mentioned item in this post in exchange for an honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

4th of July Weekend

4th of July Weekend

Well, we had a great long weekend. It was so nice seeing family, having a date night and eating good food. I especially love the quality time we get with Izzy when there is no work and we can just focus on her. My husband and 

Our Bedtime Routine

Our Bedtime Routine

Bath time is one of my favorite parts of the day. One, because I survived motherhood another day. Two, it’s that fun part of the day when Izzy get’s to have some water play and quality time with mommy and daddy. Our routine for bath time 

Box Subscriptions

Box Subscriptions

Have you ever seen monthly goody boxes and wondered if you should get one? I have tried a bunch of brands and I’d love to share a couple with you. What’s more fun than happy mail? The two I’m reviewing will be the Tonttu Baby Box and Bumble Brain Box.

First up the Tonttu Baby Box:


When you order you box you will click if you or the person you are buying for is a mommy or pregnant. From there you get further directions that will customize your box such as the age of your child & the gender. Then you sign up for if you want a one month, 3 months or 12 months subscription. It’s easy a very easy and quick process.

The box I got was great for the whole family! We got the June Box which had a little something for Dad in it! I loved opening a beautifully wrapped gift box. The teal paper with gold heart was a sweet touch.

IMG_5266 IMG_5267

Inside the box for June I got a Men’s Super Buffer, which is going to be great for our trip coming up. No body wash needed, it has 28 washes and smells sooo amazing! Along with the men’s buffer I pulled out Z Dough, which if you haven’t tried it’s great stuff. I talk all about it on my post Sensory Play with Z Dough.

IMG_5268 IMG_5271

What else was in the box? Some delicious smelling lip balm and beautiful earrings! Mom win!


Yes there is more… how cute is this wooden & silicone teether? This is great for clipping to a stroller or paci clip for your teething baby on the go.


Needless to say, this company knows what they are doing when they send you a box. You will not be disappointed, however you will definitely be pleasantly surprised! This box makes for a great gift to yourself or others, weather it is a for someone expecting or someone who already has a baby. Shop your Tonttu box here.


If you see me out and about you will be sure to see me in these new earrings from my box!



Next up the Bumble Brain Box:

Isabella and I enjoyed opening the Bumble Brain Box together. This box comes with different activities specifically for your age child with directions on what educational activities to do.


Ready for the reveal? What is inside this Bumble Brain Box? Well, it’s always different and also is dependent on your child’s age. When purchasing you chose 0-3 months, 4-12 months or 1-3 years.


We explored everything inside the box before getting into our activities. I loved seeing the baby sign card, Izzy knows “all done” and “more” already.


As a former educator I have to say I am so pleased with this box and the educational activities explained on cards inside. I highly recommend you order a Bumble Box if you are looking for some education activities to do with your child. This box makes for a great gift to yourself or others. Next time someone asks you what to get your child for their birthday, ask for one of these. Shop Bumble Brain Box here.

IMG_6420 IMG_6413

XO Eryka

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I received the mentioned items in this post in exchange for an honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

10 Reasons I Love Being A Mom

10 Reasons I Love Being A Mom

Being a mom isn’t always easy is often difficult. The biggest reasons are kids test their moms constantly and your child is constantly changing. You think you have the routine down and then boom they HATE that favorite food, they don’t sleep through the night 

Nursing… the struggle is real

Nursing… the struggle is real

Caution there are tasteful photos of nursing.. so if you don’t want to see them, just don’t read this post. To those who don’t mind, enjoy a small glimpse into my nursing journey. Just a few hours old, Izzy and I are finally settled in our