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Creating A Small Office Space

Creating A Small Office Space

I did it, I created a tiny office space for myself! This post may contain some affiliate links. Purchases from these links support the blog and keep it running. You may or may not know this, but we moved to Maine last year. When choosing 

Budget Friendly Tips for Farmhouse Style Decorating & Entertaining

Budget Friendly Tips for Farmhouse Style Decorating & Entertaining

Thank you Capital One for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. All information contained within is accurate at the time of posting. Do you have a favorite season you decorate for? Our family loves the changes each new 

Cozy Farmhouse Style Living Room

Cozy Farmhouse Style Living Room

This post contains some affiliate links. When purchases are made using some of these links I make a small profit, which helps keep this blog running.

A big move from GA to Maine & having the opportunity to build our home, inspired us to pick all the cozy farmhouse style decor we have always wanted. This is just the beginning, I’ll be sure to share our decor additions. Enjoy a peek into some of our fall decor as well.

Our Living Space

I wanted a rug that felt soft, would be comfortable for children to play on & was simple enough to not take away from our other pieces. I was searching for a style that would pop in the room and yet flow with the style. I found this Brea rug in ivory and knew this was the one! The tones go perfectly with the grays and browns in the room. It’s super soft and comfortable to walk on. Just a heads up, it will shed a little in the beginning. But on a great note, this carpet is very kid friendly. Izzy spilled her red fruit smoothie on it and everything came out just by wiping and then dabbing with a damp rag. It was an unexpected #momwin

The couch was a no brainer! After having a very low back and upright couch, we knew we wanted something that looked nice, but also was comfortable to relax on. After all, when sitting on the couch, we are typically resting or watching tv. The ottoman provides optional leg comfort and doubles as a table. We utilize our wooden tray on the ottoman, turning it into a table space, as needed for snacking.

As for the end tables, they are actually made to go in a bedroom. I however, decided to pull them into our living room. I love how simple the design is. Bonus they provide an amazing amount of storage space!


For all my buffalo plaid lovers… here you go! We love these accent chairs and their stools. They are not only adorable, but comfortable! And we easily move them to each side of the couch when we have company over.

Click to Shop: We Are More Than Family Sign

I’m obsessed with everything having a space, even the extra throw blankets and pillows. Many of the Lorena Canals baskets have a perfect farmhouse style vibe. I have one in our living room and one in Izzy’s bedroom.

Ready for a farmhouse style functional decor hack?! I widened a slot in the back of this galvanized bucket to feed wires through, filled it halfway with wine and beer corks & then placed our Apple TV on the corks. The basket it the perfect height to hide the wiring for the Apple TV, plus gives it a perfect hidden space to be. I placed the burlap over the Apple TV and stuck white birch logs around it.

Shop the Crocheted Pumpkins

Izzy’s Area

It was important to me that Izzy had her own space. I always have kept an Izzy area in our home dedicated to her. For this house the unique shape and layout of the living room has allowed me to create a special area for Izzy.

Having this space has allowed Izzy to have an area she needs to take responsibility for and tidy up. It also gives her something to do in our main living area when I’m cooking, cleaning or entertaining. It’s also been great when we have family/friends over. We can easily keep and eye on the kids and they all have an area to play, create and explore.

I did my best to link everything for you guys below, along with some extra options that may suit your space better.

Shop Mountain Shelves | Shop Light Table

Lastly, I wanted to point out that I linked this Lorena Canals rug for you above & I highly recommend it. Their rugs are machine washable & can also go right into the dryer!


What is your style? Has it changed over the years? If you have kids, do you keep a little space just for them?

XO Eryka

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Decor

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Decor

This post may contain some affiliate links. A small commission may be made from a purchase you make. These purchases help keep this blog running.   When it comes to home decor, I’m one who has a vision and then I take my time finding 

Peek Into My Dream Mompreneur Office

Peek Into My Dream Mompreneur Office

I partnered with Dorel Living and Baby Relax to share some of there items we love and how to use them in an office space. As always all opinions are 100% mine. This post contains some affiliate links. I may receive a small commission from 

Unique Artist Driven Home Decor

Unique Artist Driven Home Decor

Thank you Minted for sponsoring this post; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. This post may contain some affiliate links which I can potentially make money from to keep this blog going. 

I love decorating as the seasons change. Switching out from spring to fall and then fall to winter. I also love finding unique pieces for my home during the holiday season.

Minted is the perfect one stop shop for all my home decor needs, seasonal or not! I’d love to have my whole house be decorated and filled with minted goodies. So I wanted to share some of my favorites with you, and sorry if you think my list is long, but again…. my goals are to eventually fill my home with Minted decor and accessories.

Seasonal Favorites

1. Mix and Match Stockings

All of the stockings match but aren’t too matchy matchy.

2. Tree Skirts

These 2 sided mix and match tree skirts allow you to switch up your style year to year or even for a home party. I love that again these skirts follow the same fabrics as the stockings.

3. Seasonal Art

These are the ones that Joe and I picked for us. Then I got 2 other styles for Izzy and Teddy. As you can see, they aren’t matchy matchy, but they do go together.

Non Seasonal Decor

1. Foil-Pressed Art & Gifts

Being the State of Maine is my home State and a place we would like to potentially move back to, we loved the idea of having this gorgeous art displayed in our home. Oh and I went to my cousin’s house and Maine and guess what, she had this hanging in her living room! Great minds, hehe I thought it was so fun that we picked the same art. There are also multiple options to get a frame that will meet your home decor needs.

2. Pillows

There are multiple styles and then colors to chose from in each style. Not to mention different sizes. So you can get the same pillow in different sizes but same color or vise versa.

3. Napkin Sets

4. Table Runners

5. Cocktail Napkins

6. Art Shelves

These shelves are all gorgeous and there are so many styles. From a weathered and country look to a bit more modern, there are so many styles and sizes for multiple functions.

7. Pin Boards

These are so fun for your office, the kitchen, a kids playroom… let your decorating imagination run wild. They also come in multiple colors, designs and sizes!

Cute Gift Ideas

1. Teepees

This is a fun gift for your kid, a grandchild or even a niece or nephew! They fabrics are designed by artists and seriously gorgeous!

2. Clutches

The clutches come in 2 sizes and multiple colors. They are simple and chic. Being a busy mama, I can’t have enough little organizers in my purse or diaper bag.

3. Foil-Pressed Art & Gifts

4. Personalized Stationery

5. Minted Gift Card

From cards, to stationary, art, aprons, teepees and more you will find many gorgeous pieces designed by artists. Have you bought from Minted before? What are your favorite purchases?

XO Eryka