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Friday on the Farm at Pineland Farms

Friday on the Farm at Pineland Farms

I’ve loved sharing travel advice and fun things to do when we would visit Maine. Now that we are living here I’m excited to explore more and share our adventures with you guys! Have you been to Friday on the Farm at Pineland Farms? A 

Vacation in Brunswick Maine

Vacation in Brunswick Maine

Being a Mainer, I love sharing the beauty and history this state has to offer. We look forward to moving back to this beautiful state this year. The History of Brunswick Maine The town of Brunswick Maine was officially incorporated in 1739. In 1717 the 

How To Make Traveling With Kids Easier

How To Make Traveling With Kids Easier

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Traveling can be stressful especially when you travel with children. I have been traveling with Izzy since she was 3 months old. Here are some tips for how to make the trip go smoothly and maybe even get compliments from people on your airplane.

1. Entertainment

1a. Educational Activity & Sensory Books

Make Believe Ideas has an amazing selection books, activity books, sticker books and more. My favorites are the activity books because they are great for entertaining while waiting in an airport, while on a plane, train or even in the car. I linked a bunch of fun options below for you.


1b. Electronics

For us this would be Izzy’s iPad. And yes, she has her own iPad. Some of you reading may find this ridiculous, however it’s been our saving grace in the car and during travel. 

So what do we put on her iPad? We have the Netflix app and download movies and tv shows for her. We also loves the apps KidloLand (educational activities- ages 1+), Kidlo Coding (early coding skills- ages 5+) and Homer (teaches reading skills- ages 2+).



2. Planes, Trains & Automobiles

2a. Safe & Comfortable Carseat

We love Maxi Cosi carseats and specifically this newly designed carseat called the Magellan Max 5 in 1. It is a perfect fit for children ages brith through 10. With its wide range of adaptability you should most certainly achieve comfort for your child. It has 7-position recline, 3 adjustable torso height positions and 14 headrest heights that automatically raises the harness to fit your growing child. These make car seat adjustments easier. As for safety the Magellan car seat is backed by over 30 years of European engineering. Who doesn’t want their child in a carseat that exceeds all federal standards, including FMVSS 213. Maxi Cosi has a patented Air Protect™. Not only does it give your child a soft  and comfortable headrest this also is used as a cushion in the event of impact. Also when traveling, you may be doing a lot of in and out of the carseat. The new EZ Out harness system is awesome! It keeps the straps and crotch buckle from getting caught and/or bunched under your child. If you have a child already, you know what that can be like. It’s a pain to look for the crotch buckle and makes getting your child in and out of the carseat, more of a headache. I captured Izzy getting buckled below so you could get a close look at the ClipQuik auto-magnetic chest clip. When it comes to unbuckling this chest clip allows you to unbuckle your child quickly, even with just one hand! I don’t know about you, but that’s a big deal to me! Oh and don’t worry, although this makes it easier for parents, it also makes it more challenging for children to undo.

2b. Travel Tray

These are great for carseats, up front to expand cup holders for adults on road trips and even in strollers! I love how easily I can give Izzy an actual meal in her travel tray if needed on a long ride. For some examples we have given her chicken tenders and fries in her travel tray, apple slices and crackers. I also love it for entertainment purposes, such as holding Izzy’s crayons so she can color while in her carseat or stroller.


3. A Well Packed Diaper Bag

3a. Diaper Bag Organization

Organization is key to survival! You need to find the toys fast, the change of clothes fast, the wet bag fast, the snack bag fast… Okay, if you already have a kid, this is common knowledge. I mean once you kid starts freaking out you are basically in fight or flight mode, so make it easy on yourself and have your diaper bag organized with color and picture coded bags. We have had ours for years! Oh and they can go in the washing machine too!

3b. Extra & Comfortable Clothing

I like Izzy to comfortable when we travel and accidents happen. Whether that be, we didn’t make it to the potty in time, a spilled drink or snack… you get the idea. We always have a change of clothes on us. That’s why when we travel I love to have mix and match clothes. Then I can easily just change the piece of clothing needed vs the whole outfit. Matilda Jane makes adorable fashions for girls and now boys as well. I love how each collection mixes and matches so perfectly. It’s super easy for travel and allowing Izzy to pick out what to wear. Beyond this, they are super comfortable. Izzy is always asking to wear her Matilda Jane clothes because she says, “They are so cute and comfy.” Yes, she’s 3 and yes, she really says that.

3c. A Comfortable Diaper Bag

If you follow me regularly then you probably already know what brand I’m going to suggest. My obsession with Fawn Design began years ago. I love diaper bags that can be worn as a backpack and my fawn has proven to be the perfect travel bag.


4. Snacks

We always pack multiple types of snacks when we travel. To make eating on the go easier you’ll need containers to store the snacks as well as keep them from falling on the floor/ground. I linked some of my current favorites below.



5. Baby/Toddler Wearing

I have tried a few carriers and the brand I have found to be the most comfortable would be Lilleaby. Why baby/todder wear? First off, my arms start to burn after so many minutes and secondly, I like being hands free. It gives me the option to pull luggage, push a stroller or even just have a cozy place for a baby/toddler to nap or even breastfeed. I linked some options below for you guys, just click on the images.


I hope you guys found this helpful and it makes your next trip with children easier.

XO Eryka




Saving This Summer For Road Trips

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Tips For Flying With Toddlers/Kids

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