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Shop Small Saturday- Sister Companies

Shop Small Saturday- Sister Companies

I received the shared products from for an honest review.  As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Whether you are looking for darling fashions for your child or adorable designs for their walls I have sister companies that you have to check out. First 

Organizing Hair Accessories

Organizing Hair Accessories

Izzy has so many hair bows and headbands. I’m asked often how we keep them organized. I’m going to share a few ways I keep Izzy’s bows and headbands organized for easy access when getting her ready in the morning. I like unique and fun 

1st Birthday already?

1st Birthday already?

I remember when I was 5 weeks pregnant throwing up from midnight until 5am. I laid on the bathroom floor in between dry heaving. I’m not sure anyone hates puking more than me and I did just that my entire pregnancy. Around 37 weeks it got a little better, but I still had bad days/nights.

Fast forward to labor, whoa I was on the toilet throwing up in a trash can and while emptying my bottom into the toilet. TMI? Sorry not sorry, it happened. LOL Try focusing on clenching your butt every contraction on your way to the hospital to you don’t poop your pants. That’s real life people!

Fast forward to the midwife asking me if I wanted to grab my baby and pull her out. Wait like Kourtney Kardashian? Um every since I saw that I thought it was amazing, yes please! I pulled out my own child. How amazing is that? It’s a moment I’ll never forget.

Fast forward to me snuggling this bundle of joy in my arms and thinking, “OMG she’s so beautiful! I thought newborns were not suppose to be so beautiful!”

Fast forward I’m home with the baby crying to my mom telling her I can’t do this, the mom thing is too hard. (I definitely forgot to take my placenta pills that morning). My mom reassured me it was a normal feeling.

Fast forward I decided to get off my pain pills and I’m crying in the kitchen with Izzy on the table and my boob plopped in her mouth. I can’t describe the pain I was in, but I pushed so well I pushed Izzy out in 10 minutes. I also needed an episiotomy because I was tearing, in a place you don’t want to tear.You do the math! Needless to day I couldn’t comfortablly sit or lay or stand until I was over 7 weeks pp. No one tells you how bad recovery can be.

Fast forward Izzy doesn’t sleep all day and night like a “normal newborn”. Hello she isn’t  “busy Izzy” for no reason. You know how people say newborns sleep so much? My baby slept pretty good at night but was awake a lot during the day.

Fast forward Izzy has colic, thank you Gerber Sooth for saving out sanity!

Fast forward our baby is taking steps at 7 months and walking her last day of being 8 months.

Fast forward our baby is 12 months old!? Wait! 12 MONTHS!? When did this happen?

My favorite mommy moments are the ones where you are wanted and needed by your little one. The late night cries for you and then you get that special one on one time snuggling that precious babe (It never gets old, not even at 12 months). I’d say those are also the moments that are the most difficult at times as well. Motherhood has been a wild ride. I am really enjoying my little ball of energy and watching her grow. I still can’t believe we have been through so much and this little brain and beauty of mine is 12 months.

Happy Birthday to our beautiful, intelligent and spunky baby girl!

Be on the lookout for our birthday party blog with special discount codes and shop links!

Details on Izzy’s outfit: Leg Warmers: PandTheLion, Bloomers: RuffleButts, Onesie: Oshkosh, Crown: YourFairyTaleDreams, Bib: MMsBling

XO Eryka