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Spring into Easter Fashions with Carter’s

Spring into Easter Fashions with Carter’s

This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Spring is here and before you know it Easter will be too! Have you picked out some fashions for your little one yet? I like a couple outfits for Izzy 

Holiday Fashion for any Occasion with Carters

Holiday Fashion for any Occasion with Carters

This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. The holidays brings on some pretty darling fashions. From Pjs, to play wear to holiday apparel for photos and parties. You are sure to find holiday fashions for any occasion. 

Fall Fashions with Carter’s

Fall Fashions with Carter’s

This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Carter’s is home of the original bodysuit! However, that doesn’t mean their wardrobe ends there! I’m going to show you some adorable fashions from Carter’s and how to pair them, as we dive into the fall season.

Yes, Carter’s has shoes…. I know, they are adorable!


But first, I bet you didn’t know carters has accessories like necklaces, bracelets and hair pieces (hair clips and headbands). Well they do, and honestly I could go broke buying them all. Izzy spent a good 20 minutes in that area of the store picking out jewelry as I laid out the clothes we found and decided which pieces would pair best for mixing and matching outfits.

I love to have mix match outfits because then you can easily throw some a change of clothes into the diaper bag that will replace whichever part of the wardrobe needs to be changed.

Another item beyond clothing that Carter’s carries is shoes. Izzy actually had a mini meltdown in the store because she wanted me to rip the tags off the shoes so she could wear them, that instant! So obviously she loves them too! hehe


Alright, I know… SHOW YOU THE CLOTHES! I love how this bodysuit has adorable detailing of necklaces. Of course little miss Izzy picked out this necklace from Carter’s and demanded it be on her all day (minus naps and car rides). Just so you are not confused at anytime reading this post, everything shown is from Carter’s. Yes, yes, even that adorable headband! Izzy picked that out at the store too.


This outfit was not together as a set. The legging actually go with a darling little green blouse as a set. But like I said, we look for items we can mix and match with each other.

She loves to throw leaves and crinkle up the crispy ones!

Here is the top that came as a set with the leggings.. it’s really adorable isn’t it? See how going from the body suit to a top we completely changed the look?



How sweet is that darling candy necklace?

Ready for more fashions? Isn’t this Carter’s bodysuit paired with pants and a fur vest so fun? The vest is actually a 3T and Izzy wears 18 months, but I LOVE the oversized vest look! Izzy loves the vest too. She giggled and was rubbing her vest in the store. She really enjoys wearing fluffy things.



In this shot you can see I switched it up and put the vest and bodysuit with jeggings!


Then I removed her vest and added a sweater. Below that I removed the jeggings and added a skirt. See how differently you can style these bodysuits?




All of the pieces go together easily. You can pair items together for mixing and matching too. Carter’s makes it easy because you are always sure to find items that are the in same color scheme. Buy a few outfits that mix and match and it’s like you bought more outfits than you actually did.

So what is on my baby girl fall fashion must have list?

Carter's Fall Fashion list

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XO Eryka