Diaper Bag Love

Diaper Bag Love

Do you love your diaper bag? It’s an important thing to love. It goes with you everywhere and carries pretty much all of your child(ren’s) needs wherever you go. I want to tell you about Dapper Bag and how much I have been loving their Durango Diaper Bag.


It’s amazing! Why? Well it has straps that can be attached or removed for use of a backpack. Not only do I love this feature but I love the fact that the whisky toned leather has a matte wax protectant. Why is this needed and so amazing? First hand I experienced the need for this protectant. I went to Chick Fil A after a splash pad play date with mom friends and a random child leaned into my booth in was rubbing their hands all over my bag. Beyond the fact I was annoyed for the parent being oblivious to their child (who was old enough to know not to touch strangers stuff) I was annoyed that he got grease marks all over my new bag! I quick grabbed some wipes from my bag and wiped the grease areas. By the time I was done eating the water mark had dried and the grease mark was gone! Wahoo! Amazing feature! Mom win for sure!

Not only is the outside protected but the inside layer is as well so you can feel free to wipe out the inside with a warm yet cloth if any yucky mess gets inside!


I also love that this bag has a separate zipper area on the bottom. I like to put Izzy’s diapers, diaper cream and change of clothes down there. I personally feel it makes for a better organized bag.

Check out the Sedalia here and let me know what your favorite features are. For a chance to win the Sedalia go my Instagram.


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