Ring Pop Ice Pops

Ring Pop Ice Pops

Ring pops are very nostalgic for me. Growing up my dad would take us to get ring pops after helping him organize items to bring to the dump and recycling.

Finding this mold has been such a fun find! Since we avoid artificial dyes Izzy and I can make ring pop candies and ice pops at home and she has been LOVING them!

I linked this Ring Pop Mold and some other summer items we have been loving here.

We poured our favorite juice into the mold for a fun and nutritious sweet treat.

If you love making fun treats at home for your kids this is a great addition! We are loving making ice pops with it and will be trying out candies soon. We will definitely be sharing our candy recipe once we give it a try and have success. 🙂

XO Eryka

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