My Garden Favs

My Garden Favs

Gardening is fun because you can always learn more and there are so many types of things to grow. Here are some products I’ve found to make gardening easier for me.

Raised Beds

Vego Garden has been my go to for raised beds. I have found raised beds help me to better control weeds and they are much easier to tend to then at ground level. I also love the Vego Garden Tool Boxes. Izzy and I each have one to keep our gloves and tools handy in the garden. Another favorite from this company are the compost bins which go in the garden bed!

Garden Fav: I love these Raised Beds for my garden!


It can be exhausting to water your plants daily, especially as your garden grows. Then the thought of going on vacation and finding someone to water for you… eh not happening. That’s when I started looking into another option. I found Ollas, they are an ancient technique that work so well.

You just dig a spot drop them in and fill them up. I also water around the Ollas to keep that soil moist each time I fill them up. The plant roots reach to the Ollas for water in the soil. It’s pretty incredible and we had a great harvest after our week vacation thanks to our Ollas.

You can check them out in action here.

Garden Fav: Ollas from The California Pot Company– 20% off code: BUSY20

Garden Trellis & Pest Control

I love these C-BITES and how easily they work! I’ve made multiple trellis designs and even created a pest control cage with them as well by adding some netting over the cage so I can get into the garden but keep pests out when I’m not around. The netting I chose was wide so pollinators can still enter.

Garden Fav: Thriving Design Trellis Tools & Clips- for FREE Shipping use code: ERYKASPERA

I can’t wait to continue sharing our garden with you all and hope you tag or dm me on social media so I can see yours too!

XO Eryka

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