Hemp Wellness & CBD

Hemp Wellness & CBD

Did you know that you have an endocannabinoid system (ECS)? You can learn more about how that system works & how hemp can be used to support this system here (please note when Dr. Knox says cannabis she is referring to CBD hemp). For another great and educational video as well-click here.

How has hemp helped me? Here is my testimonial: My family has seen benefits when getting sick. When sick we just aren’t as sick & the duration is much shorter for us since regularly nourishing our bodies with clean, organic C B D. Feeling calmer, less stressed and anxiety for me has reduced significantly. I struggled to fall asleep and have such an easy time now. My husband never considered himself someone that didn’t sleep well, but has noticed his sleep has improved and he feels so much more rested when he wakes up. Physically we love the creams when working out or if we happen to pull something… listen, we aren’t getting any younger. ha!

I’m not sure whom to give credit for, but I loved this graphic for visual learners like myself.

Ready to get started with Green Compass? This brand I love because they are organic and transparent about their ingredients and the processes used to create their products. Learn more about what sets Green Compass part here.

Learn more about your endocannabinoid system here! This is one of my favorite videos, a Ted Talk with Dr. Knox. I linked it above if you already watched, if you didn’t, watch it.

Shop here and please reach out to me with any questions you have.

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My favorite products: Full Spectrum Daily Nano Jellies, Full Spectrum Tinctures, Collagen (daily, this is the cleanest collagen I’ve found and it has helped more than my joints, skin, hair and nails), Reduce Topical Pain Cream, Soothe Topical Cream (I use this for sunburns, acne, bug bites and more), Roller Blends, Lip Balms & Buzz Insect Repellant.

Most people think CBD is an as needed support, but it does best as a daily. Most people take 1-2 weeks to really start seeing changes. Everyone needs a different amount so it’s all about starting slow. Weaning up to what feels right and then staying put at the amount. Reach out to me and we can discuss further if you have questions. Now with that said, as needed I may take more. For example when I got a concussion I took 3 times what I normally take daily. It helped me with my dizziness and nausea I was experiencing for a week after the head bump.

XO Eryka

This is my testimonial & some great information I wanted to share about CBD. Again, my personal experience and knowledge I have gained since researching and educating myself on how plants can support our bodies. I am not a dr. I am here to share my experience and hope by sharing I might help others.

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