Boo Basket Ideas

Boo Basket Ideas

This year in Izzy’s Boo Basket we have a halloween bag from Sea Bags & candy from Smart Sweets (this is a brand that makes a better option candy). We also have hair clips from Shared Joy Bows, sunglasses from Polarized Mini Shades, organic pjs from Monica and Andy, nail polish from Piggy Paint (save with code: BUSYIZZY ), a play dough activity kit from Bright Box Play Kit, a sticker by number book, a Monster Activity Book, our favorite cups from Elk and Friends, a bat stuffy from Red and Olive and a craft kit from Kid Made Modern.

Check out the boo basket in action in this Reel on Instagram.

Hope you have a wonderful Halloween and & I hope our list gave you some new ideas or introduced you to some new brands.

XO Eryka

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