Kids Summer Clothing We LOVE!

Kids Summer Clothing We LOVE!

We are back in the south and man is it hot! So since it feels like we are already in full summer mode here, I wanted to share some of our favorite brands and clothing with you all.

Let’s start with shoes! Izzy has some shoes from Merrell, Reima and Pediped, all of which we LOVE. They all fit great and have different uses. Keeping her feet cute is easy, there are so may cute shoes out there, it’s the shoes that also are functional that we look for.

Up front are the lightweight cross trainer sneakers in color Redberry

Since Reima is not a footwear only brand, it was a pleasant surprise to find their shoes have been incredible quality. In fact, we have been using their boots and shoes for a few years now and every season brings new types of shoes, all of which have been functional, comfy & cute. Truly everything we have gotten from Reima has been hands down top notch quality. So although it surprised me that they rocked footwear, in a way it also didn’t shock me.

I like Izzy to have shoes for hot days, cooler days & water play days. After all, no one likes having uncomfortable feet. And this busy Little Izzy is on her feet all day long.

I LOVE these lightweight cross trainer sneakers from Reima because the design keeps playground wood chips from getting in Izzy’s shoes and poking her feet. They also can be worn without socks and are breathable for her feet so they don’t get too hot.

As for clothing, we love many brands such as Hanna Andersson, Primary, Tea Collection, Dot Dot Smile, Zyia (which you can learn more about here), & of course Reima is on our list!

Again, their stuff is just very functional & so incredibly cute. Often I find brands pick one or the other to focus on (functionality or cuteness). Reima really focuses on both! I love these little capri leggings for playground play and their shorts for outside nature play. This Reima athletic T-shirt top is made with their Xylitol Cool, which makes it quick drying and moisture wicking fabric. I think that speaks for itself with why/when that might come in handy during the summer months.

Reima has casual everyday clothing as well. And more photos are to come on those once I capture Izzy in her new goodies in the weeks to come. You can check them out on your own here.

If you have any questions let us know. And be sure to follow us along on FB or Insta for more fun!

XO Eryka

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