How I Reduced Toxins My Life

How I Reduced Toxins My Life

I’m not a doctor and since we live in the day of sue happy people I feel the need to disclose, I’m not a doctor or medical professional. I’m a mom sharing my thoughts, in hopes of making reducing toxins a bit easier than it’s been for me. Not to say it’s been super difficult. It really hasn’t, at times overwhelming emotionally & just time consuming doing research. Which honestly pushing myself to learn and push through the “holy crap why does our government allow this shi*t?” helped me continue to personally strengthen my mental health. Because sometimes it’s just so sadly obvious and would be so easy for us if changes were made by the people in charge. It’s frustrating to think I have to stand in a store and look at ingredients knowing these people can & will mislead you on labels.. makes me so sad for the world we live in. But that is just me word vomiting my emotions and thoughts into this blog post.

Tip 1. Don’t Stress

Easier said than done for most. I can relate, stressing is what I was trained to do. So this is a personal hurdle for me, but I think a lot of people struggle with this as well. It can be so frustrating and overwhelming, but you are in control. Remember that! Take some breaths and do the best you can while still living life & without fear.

I read something that really resonated with me and put things into perspective. So I’m going to start with it.

“You can live a “perfect” life in a bubble and avoid all toxins and never eat out. Or you can put your best effort to minimize toxins and enjoy life, and take time to detox routinely and well. I choose the latter.”

If you have already started this process then that might make sense to you. You can totally go down this rabbit hole of finding how there are so many ways we are slowly being poisoned by foods and products that our government “regulates” and it can make you feel angry, trapped and honestly just freaked out! But you have to remember that every change makes more of a difference than you think. Don’t forget stress isn’t good for your body either.

I was getting to the point that every time I thought of any type of processed foods especially with dye etc I was poisoning myself or my family. It was overwhelming and stressful. I had to take a step back and remember the reason I started this part of my health journey. I wanted to REDUCE the toxins in our life. It would be close to impossible to keep my sanity and remove them entirely.

My journey of mental and physical wellness has been long and slow because I can get very overwhelmed.

Tip 2. Start Small

When you run out of laundry soap or see you are close to running out, get a new & cleaner soap. Now after doing research there seems to be BAD, BETTER, BEST categories for things when it comes to reducing toxins. Keep in mind not all things marketed as “green” are as safe as you think. You see the rabbit hole I’ve already taken you on, just for some freaking laundry soap? Yeah, that’s why I said to start small.

An easier thing to start with, although a bit more expensive up front, would be switching out your cookware. Have you seen the movie Dark Waters? Add it to your must watch list if you haven’t yet. Teflon is legit poison and a known forever toxin! That means, once it’s in you, there is no detoxing it out. It’s extremely dangerous and slowly causes illness and issues that people think is just bad luck. Nothing makes it more clear to me that sadly the government does not care about you being healthy and you must take caring for your body into your own hands. Here is a quick article that gives you a small glimpse into Teflon and the forever chemicals they are allowed to continue making to this day!

Tip 3. Get Outside

Nature has more healing properties than we give it credit for. The sun sanitizes, enhances the immune system, lowers blood pressure, improves bones health, improves brain function, eases mild depression, improves sleep quality, lessons Alzheimer’s symptoms, heals some skin disorders, boosts growth in children, & reduces the risk of certain cancers. Just some known benefits.. that are not talked about enough.

A little side track here, but we don’t use sunscreen anymore either. We haven’t since Izzy was a toddler and rubbed it into her eyes. We use long sleeve water/sun shirts hats and more as needed to cover when in the sun for extended periods of time. I have known people that got skin cancer and avoided the sun and then suffered from other health issues and because of that had to get on other medications and supplements. The more research I do, I truly believe everything in moderation and I think sunscreen is poison. Now if you like and use sunscreen, go for it. Please at least do research and buy healthier options. Remember the BAD, BETTER, BEST scale we talked about?

Tip 4. Move Your Body & Tip 5. Drink More Water

Gosh, I could spend hours writing about the importance of these 2 things when it comes to detoxing your body. Just know they are good for you and important for your health.

The next blog coming at ya will be a living blog post! That means I’ll be continuing to add to it with information as I have new information! Get excited! I’m pretty excited to share it with you all. It will have information on actual brands I’ve tried and what I’m liking including pots/pans, cleaning supplies, deodorant, skincare and more! Be sure to subscribe to the blog if you haven’t yet so you don’t miss it!

Again, I’m a mom, not a medical professional… so what do I know, right?! 😉

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XO Eryka

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