Nature Paint Brushes

Nature Paint Brushes

Izzy and I made Nature Paint Brushes and what a blast we had! This activity is a great way to explore the outdoors. During this activity your child is working on gross motor, fine motor, hand eye coordination, and cognitive development.

Step 1

Go outside and collect sticks along with leaves, flowers, moss, petals etc. Discuss what you have found and look up unknown items. Talk about which ones you think will be the most fun to paint with.

Step 2

Tie item to the end of a stick. (We used hemp.) Depending on the age of your child, they may be able to help you. This is great fine motor practice.

Are some items easier to attach to the stick than others? Discuss these things and problem solve together.

Step 3

Set up your painting station. We used egg cartons for our paints and painted inside since it was 90 degrees outside.

Step 4

Paint away! As your child picks each brush, discuss the nature item on it. Compare how differently each brush paints and the different designs they make on the paper. Which ones hold paint the best? What shapes do you see? Which brush did they think was going to work the best. Which did they have the most fun using?

You can also discuss colors your child makes as they mix paints on the page.

Have a blast with this one!

XO Eryka

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