Keeping a Clean Home with Kids & Pets

Keeping a Clean Home with Kids & Pets

Keeping a house clean and tidy with kids sounds like an oxymoron, but it can be done.

Now I will start off by saying, my home doesn’t always look tidy and I wouldn’t eat off the floors on the daily… although I’m sure my kid has a few times… #momlife

But I wanted to share some tips that have helped me to keep a cleaner and tidier home.

Baskets & Bins

One of the easiest ways to keep a home tidy is to have baskets and bins around the house that give specific items a home when not in use. They can be in a closet or sitting out in a room, but this has made keeping the house tidy, so much easier for me. Not only because I can pick up quicker, but because Izzy can help me clean up too! Listen up parents, we need all the help we can get, plus our kids need to learn how to clean up and help out.

I added an example below. We have a large woven basket in the living room that looks pretty and is filled with tons of our favorite board and card games. This makes for functional decor and helps with easy clean up!

Safely Sanitize

Kids and pets track in a lot of germs and dirt. To keep our floor clean I have shared how much me love this steam mop. I have shared specifics on the steam mop and why are love it, click here to read more.

On top of that we have been loving Force of Nature cleaner for almost 2 years now. I loved the product so much I ended up working with them and sharing a video of the product on my feed. You can watch that here. This is a cleaner, sanitizer & deodorizer! There are no toxic fumes or residue. You know how after you wipe things down with most cleaners there is a toxic residue left behind, so you then need to wash that off? Well, Force of Nature doesn’t leave a toxic residue, so it makes cleaning a lot quicker. Not to mention, it’s so much safer for our family. I love products that are truly child and pet friendly.

Dirt & Mess Clean Up

Keep a vacuum handy for quick clean up. There are spilled snacks, crumbs and more when you have kids and pets. Sometimes I need a quick vaccum near the dog bowls. Certain times of the year I frequently need a quick vacuum of areas with high inside-outside traffic. I’ve been crushing on the Black + Decker Corded Canister Vacuum provides us cleaning convenience for delicate surfaces or big spills. It has a powerful motor & easy maneuvrability.  I LOVE this vacuum for spot jobs around the house because this vacuum has convenient accessories including a small brush and crevice and upholstery tools, plus since it plugs in, it has unlimited run time!

Machine Washable Rugs

We have machine washable rugs in our house! This has always been incredible and a must. Once we got Luna pup, it really came in handy during potty training. The 2 brands we love are Ruggable & Lorena Canals rugs! We also have waterhog mats from L.L. Bean at each door that enters and exits the home. These are not machine washable, but can easily be rinsed off outside!

What helps you keep your house tidy and clean?

XO Eryka

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