Easy Ways to Clean & Sanitize Your Floors This Spring & Summer

Easy Ways to Clean & Sanitize Your Floors This Spring & Summer

Between having dogs and a child the floors can get so dirty. I can only imagine the germs we can’t see!

My husband and I have a love/hate with spring. We truly dread the mud and dirt that comes with spring because it means extra upkeep with the floors. In the past, keeping the floors clean and sanitized has been not so easy. This year we decided to try out a steam mop and you guys, I’m not sure why we didn’t try one sooner. I feel like I should start a Friday Favorites blog post again that shares all of my favorite new things that have made life easier for us.

Anyway, we got the Black + Decker Steam Mop + Vacuum. Who doesn’t want 99% sanitization? You guys, it cleans WITHOUT chemicals! It’s also super easy to use compared to other mop options we have tried over the years. Not to mention, I’m NOT buying cleaner for this mop or throw away, one time use mop attachments either! I mean, it kills up to 99% of germs and removes tough dirt and grime just using water and the microfiber pad I can throw in the washer!

I linked our Steam Mop below for you guys, you can click it to shop or read more details about it.

Here are some specs, for those like my husband. Haha! This Steam Mop is 10lbs. It has a 1,000-Watt steam boiler & 500-Watt vacuum which can be operated simultaneously! The controls are right on the handle so you can easily switch functions to vacuum and steam at same time or separately.

Let me know what you guys think of this Steam Mop. If you buy it or already own it. Also let me know how you are keeping your floors clean and sanitized during the months without snow.

XO Eryka

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