Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Basket Ideas

This year for Izzy we wanted to have candy mixed with a bunch of activities she could enjoy. We are all about finding indoor and rainy day activities. If you follow us on Facebook or IG then you a likely saw these in our stories.

Jelly Basket

I love this idea because they can be used all spring and summer outside. They can explore and collect items in them, take them to the beach and more! I linked some from a small shop on Etsy. I have found she has great products and fair pricing. Some people are selling these Jelly bags for almost $40… which is CRAZY!

Personalized Bunny/ Stuffed Animal

Every year Izzy gets a special stuffed bunny in her basket. Over the years we have loved the soft and personalized Jelly Cat bunnies from Peek-A-Who and the unique bunnies made by Winks + Wildflower. I linked some fun & soft bunny options below for you guys.

Unique Wooden Puzzles

Izzy LOVES puzzles and that is why we wanted to add some to her basket this year! I love these wooden puzzles because each puzzle piece is a unique shape, unlike other puzzles I’ve seen. Some puzzle pieces are even shaped like animals. They are really fun and Izzy’s been loving the bright colors and cool shapes while putting this brand/style puzzle together.

STEM Activities

Our busy little girl loves activities. That’s why I included a bunch of goodies from Allessimo puzzles. 15% off ERYKA15 They have cars you build and work on solar power, digging for gems, building dinos, bugs and animals from wood and then painting them or covering them in a special foam clay and more!


Last Easter Izzy has just turned 5 and the Spirograph was a bit of a struggle and frustrating for her. This year we reintroduced it and she picked up on it very quickly. I’d definitely say the Spirograph is easier for kids 6 and up, but that’s just our experience.

Kid Nail Polish

We love painting our nails and Piggy Paint is a great non toxic, water based polish for kids! Izzy loves it and that’s why I added some to her basket this year.


This time of the year we are in need of rain boots, sneakers and spring/summer shoes. With little growing feet, I think shoes are a perfect addition to an Easter basket. We love boots from Reima and London Littles and shoes from Pediped. How cute are Izzy’s dinosaur shoes from Pediped footwear?

I hope you loved this year’s Easter Basket Ideas!

XO Eryka

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