5 Indoor Rainy Day Activities that are Developmentally Beneficial

5 Indoor Rainy Day Activities that are Developmentally Beneficial

Painting with a Purpose

Teach your children about different types of art. Look on the internet or in books & discover different styles of art together. Discuss the artists that created the art. Now ask your child which style of art they want to try.

We love collages that Eric Carle has made & Izzy was fascinated with how he creates his art. We even watched an old episode of Mr. Rogers with special guest, Eric Carle. Check out how to create collages with your children here.

Play Carpets & Imaginative Play

Play carpets are great for busy imaginations. They help encourage your child’s mind to create and build on from the images they see on the carpet. We love these play carpets from IVI because the company was started by a mom & let’s be honest, moms & parents in general know best. These play carpets are made with non-toxic dyes and fabrics, are anti static, stain resistant & antiallergic. And they received the European Child Protection Standards approval (higher than USA)! They have multiple sizes and collections to choose from, such as beach house, mini city, farm, playhouse, traffic. You guys can save 15% with our code: Izzy15

Scavenger Hunts

We love scavenger hunts! There are many ways to do them. 1. You can have a list with words and images for your child to check off as they find each item. 2. You can also hide things around the house with a list for them to check off as they find the hidden items. 3. You could create a “treasure map” that looks like a certain room in the house and have them try to follow it for the big X marks the spot. This is where the “treasure” is hidden. 4. The last way is to have a note with a hint, which takes them to the next note with a hint and so on. At the end you could have a prize or YOU DID IT note. I linked our scavenger hunts here.

Obstacle Courses

We have so much fun making obstacle course. You can do it with things around the house. Get creative and have your kids help you build it. This is a great problem solving and STEM activity.

Fort Building

Fort building has been a family favorite of ours, since even Joe and I were kids. As Izzy would say, “Mom and Dad, I got your fort building DNA.” You can get kits to build forts or just use chairs, pillows and blankets… old school style! Again, another great problem solving and STEM activity for you and your kid(s).

I hope you all have a blast with our indoor ideas! For more exploring and experiments check out our YouTube channel.

XO Eryka

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