Tips for Surviving Daily Life with ADHD

Tips for Surviving Daily Life with ADHD

As most of you know I was diagnosed with adhd later in life. I was 29 & I explain that in detail here. How old were you when you were diagnosed?

Life is tough and everyone has their struggles. It sure is tough to add adhd to the mix. Since I have gotten so many questions from you all, I thought it may be beneficial to share my strategies for surviving daily life with adhd on the blog.


Although I know this may not be the route for everyone, right now it’s working great for me. I take a daily stimulant which has significantly reduced my anxiety & helps me feel less foggy during the day.

This brings me to my medication case. When you struggle to remember things, you typically struggle to remember to take your medication or if you took it. This is why Joe (my husband) bought me a set of these timer tops. When you open the top, it resets and tells you how long it has been since the top was last opened. So now I know if I took my medication or not. This may seem silly to some, but I think it’s truly genius and life changing to those with adhd.

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Alarms & Calendars

I have a phone calendar & it allows me to share some items with my husband by clicking add to family calendar. This will share some items with him, so he can help me with appointments etc. The rest of my calendar is just for me. Unfortunately adding to my calendar isn’t enough. I also add alerts to my calendar items. I usually add 2 alerts to remind me. One is usually the day before and the other is usually 30 minutes to an 1 hour before the appointment, call or whatever is marked. Depending on what the reminder is for, when it goes off, I’ll set another. To go off when I immediately need to get on a call, get the car etc. You would be shocked how in just a minute I can completely forget about an appointment. One that I needed to leave for soon and was talking about all morning.

Beyond the phone calendar, I also have a planner. This is a little old school and hand written. I just writing out in my planner! Oh and for my planner, I check it that morning and set any reminders to go off on my phone for the day. Which brings me to the smart watch.

Smart Watch

I can’t say enough good things about my smart watch. It helps me to find my phone (which is always on silent) 10 billion times a day! Not to mention I get alerts and notified about texts, emails and calls. Most importantly, I don’t miss any of the reminders & alerts I set on my phone.

Sound Machine

A sound machine is a must for me at night. I truly sleep better through the night with it. I also have our fan going too. Are fans at night a must for you? Here is the sound machine I have. I love it because if you lose power, it still keeps going.

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CBD for Sleep & Anxiety

Betoken has another product I love for sleep support. These CBD nighty night capsules are amazing. I also have their anxiety capsules as well. I have been loving this brand & these capsules for almost 2 years now. Best of all, this company is owned and founded by a Maine mom. I love supporting small businesses in my home state.

Physical Activity

If you love yoga or at home workouts, try the Nike app. It has a ton of free workouts that I have found to be great. If that’s not your thing, try to get a walk in everyday. Honestly nothing feels better than fresh air. Even if it’s freezing out, I bundle up and get out for a walk with Izzy & our dog Luna. Physical activity helps with my brain fog and improves my mood.

I hope this has been helpful to some of you. If you have any strategies that help you with daily adhd life, share in the comments.

XO Eryka

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