Conversation Heart Activities for Kids

Conversation Heart Activities for Kids

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I thought it might be fun to share some free downloads and ideas for you all with conversation heart candy. Izzy had a blast working on math skills & problem solving. If you enjoy playful learning these are perfect activities for you all.


click HERE for the FREE graphing download


Addition & Subtraction

click HERE for FREE addition download


click HERE for FREE subtraction download



You can also work on multiplication with conversation hearts. When introducing multiplication or even the concept to younger children it’s best to do so with visuals. Multiplication is simply grouping and adding.


When introducing patterns it’s important to know it’s developmentally appropriate for a child to need a pattern repeated 3 times in order to grasp the pattern they must continue. I created two types of pattern completion sheets. One does repeat 3 times, the other is a bit more complex for children that have mastered this type of pattern completion and are ready for higher level thinking.

click HERE for this FREE pattern completion download


click HERE for this FREE pattern completion download


Tower Building

Encourage your child to build a tall tower with their hearts. You can create heart towers too. Add extra education to the activity by making patterns in your towers, counting how many candies tall your tower is & discussing bigger and small. You can also work on positional language. Example: “Put the pink heart on the white heart.”

I hope you guys have a blast playing with your conversation heart candies!

For more educational fun click here or head to the categories & tab and search seasonally.

XO Eryka

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