Our Favorite Winter Kids Gear

Our Favorite Winter Kids Gear

Well it’s no secret we are obsessed with Reima gear! This is our second year even knowing the brand existed. When you live in a place like Maine especially, you truly need Winter gear that is functional. However I would say, if I knew about this brand when we were in Ga I would have been getting it then as well. Reima has year round outside gear and jackets for all weather conditions.

Below you can see Izzy in her winter gear & I’m sharing Izzy’s sizing to help you guys out!

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The Reima mittens/gloves are hands down our favorite brand for mittens/gloves. We even have their unlined water/rain gloves for the spring and fall. Those are great for play in the rain or water play when it’s still a little too chilly for fingers to get wet.

We have every season here in Maine and have truly put the Reima gear to the test! We have not been disappointed yet!

Sizing Guide

I feel like one of the hardest things for a parent when ordering online is figuring out sizing, so I hope this gives you some insight on the sizes to order.

For sizing Izzy’s wears a US 12.5-13 in shoes. The Reima shoe size she has right now is a 31. For more sizing reference, in Pediped shoes Izzy wears a 30 in sneakers, which per their sizing is a 12.5-13 & a 31 in their boots.

Izzy’s wearing 5/6 in clothing & wears a 120 in her baselayer set. She has room to grow some more in it, but it’s not too big and falling off.

Izzy wears a 52/54 in Reima hats & Euro 5 (6-8 yrs) in mittens/gloves.

Izzy’s jackets, snow pants and snowsuit are size 116.

If you guys give this brand a try, tell me what you think! We have been extremely pleased with the quality of their products & I hope you guys are too! Enjoy time outside year round in their cute and functional boots, jackets, gloves and more.

XO Eryka

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