How to Keep Your Sanity While Working from Home with Kids

How to Keep Your Sanity While Working from Home with Kids

Get Outside!

Get outside! With or without your kids. It feels good to put your phone away and just go for walk in the fresh air. It’s a great time to talk to your kids and learn about things they are thinking and feeling. This helps me as a parent feel better in so many ways. I’m getting fresh air, exercise and quality time with Izzy. Totally helps reduce my mom guilt.


Exercise Daily

If you just have it as you routine, it’s so much easier. Wake up & take the dog(s) for a walk vs letting them out to potty. No pets? Just go for a walk (bundle up if you have to). Wake up & do some yoga or a quick workout in the living room or your bedroom. NIKE has a great and free app. I love it and honestly need to start doing it again. I was doing 1-2 workouts a 3-4 days a week. Often Izzy would come next to me and join in. It was great for me, great for her to see me caring for my physical body and good for her body to join in. Having it in our routine, makes it part of life and then it’s not something I need to find time to pencil in.


Alternate Me Time With Your Significant Other

Take turns giving the other a break from kids or chores after the work day. If it’s an hour long bath once a week or time to lay in bed and just surf the internet or watch a show. If you are a single parent, see if a girlfriend would be willing to do this with you. Take turns giving each other a few hours of free “babysitting”.


Give your Child Attention First

I have seen that Izzy does best if we get some time in first before I dive into any work. I also feel better about it as well. Do a quick board game or activity and then tell them it’s time for independent play or learning. I usually set Izzy up with an activity or she picks one. We also have a leapfrog product that allows Izzy to work on math, science, literacy, problem solving and more. She loves to do that independently and it can go up to 2nd grade I believe. I’ll link it for you guys, along with other fun things to have around for your kids to play with independently while you work.

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Have A Visual/Daily Schedule

Let your kids know the schedule, make a visual one if you have to. Predictably reduces everyone’s stress level. This will help everyone in the house. Print this schedule I created and laminate it to reuse daily.

Click here to print this FREE daily schedule


I hope some of these tips help you guys out!

XO Eryka

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