Pumpkin Pie Fractions

Pumpkin Pie Fractions

Teaching Izzy at home, is fun and also a bit challenging at times. Like most kids, Izzy doesn’t always want to listen to her mom. This is why I’ve to get very creative with our lessons.

I wanted to share our pumpkin pie fractions with you all, just in time for Thanksgiving.

This is an activity you can do with all ages. This is exposure to the concept of fractions for younger ones and a great visual for older kids that need to work on fractions and allowing them to better grasp the concept.

Step 1: Print the Pumpkin Pie PDF. We printed ours on cardstock paper and laminated it, for long term use.

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Click here to download the FREE Printable PDF


Step 2: Allow the child to cover their pie in play dough. Don’t have any? You can make some using our favorite recipe. Another option would be cutting the pie with scissors, instead of covering it with play dough.

Step 3: Play and Learn with the pie! Discuss how you have 1 whole pie. You have 1/1 pieces of pie, which equals 1. Now ask the child to cut the pie in half. While cutting the pie and discussing fractions write out the fractions for kids ages 5+. As you can see I wrote out the fractions on the laminated paper with our chalk pencils. I linked those for you guys below.

Example: Discuss how if the pie is cut into half and you don’t take any slices you have 2/2 slices. Ask and discuss if there is still a whole pie. Have the child to take one slice away & give it to you. Pretend to eat it, make it fun. Now write out 1/2 for the child to see. Discuss how you had 2/2 (2 out of 2) and now 1/2 (1 out of 2 pieces).

Don’t have any play dough at home? You might have the ingredients you need to make some in your kitchen! This is another fun way to learn and expose your child to everyday science (chemistry) & math skills (measuring). Watch the video below for our favorite play dough recipe.

Hope you have a blast with this activity & play dough making!

XO Eryka

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