Halloween at Home Ideas

Halloween at Home Ideas

This year, for our sanity and our children’s, we won’t be trick or treating. Instead, we will be having a halloween bash for the cousins. I wanted to share some ideas with you all.

Halloween Bag Decorating

I went to Walmart and found these fabric totes in the crafting area. I also grabbed the thicker tip fabric markers for the kids to decorate their bags with. We had them decorate outside a weekend prior to Halloween, but you could do it day of, upon arrival.

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Halloween Music/Dance Party

I don’t know about your kids, but Izzy and her cousins LOVE music and dancing. This playlist has been a favorite of ours this year.

Candy Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt inside or out. You can have the scavenger hunt have them look for certain things they check off a list & give candy each time they check something off the list. You can also do a scavenger hunt with hints. Help the kids read off each hint as they think about where the next candy spot could be. At each place they get some candy to go in their bag & a new hint. At the end they could even get a goody bag of fun things & candy.

Halloween Piñata

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Face Painting

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Halloween Coloring

There are a lot of options on Crayola for coloring. Even more detailed pictures for older kids and adults.

Have a happy and safe halloween friends!

XO Eryka

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