Fall Solar Print Art Activity

Fall Solar Print Art Activity

Izzy and I had such a blast this summer making solar art. So naturally I brought it back for the fall.

For this activity you will need to purchase solar print paper & I linked some below for you. I also linked some fun craft items you may want for art time with this activity and the many others to come at home this year.

commissionable links

Once you have all of your supplies you are ready to get started. Go outside and gather some outdoor items, they can be fall themed items. Some ideas would be leaves, sticks, pinecones, acorns, mini pumpkins etc.

Now place your items on your paper and let the sun do the work.

Once the paper turns white, take the items off and put the paper under the faucet for a quick rinse. You will see the paper changes color.

Now lay the paper to dry.

Once dry, you can add your decorations. Izzy and I made spooky monsters, pumpkins and ghost pictures with mini pines ones, sticks, leaves, flowers & feathers.

Have fun with this you guys, solar art is one of Izzy’s favorite activities.

For more fall themed fun CLICK HERE.

XO Eryka

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