Insect & Arachnid Outside Scavenger Hunt

Insect & Arachnid Outside Scavenger Hunt

We love scavenger hunts. They are great for all ages & you can incorporate so much learning while exploring! I specifically made this scavenger hunt to go along with our Insect & Arachnid themed learning activities.

We enjoy printing out our scavenger hunts & laminating them so we can use them over and over. I’ve linked some lamination paper we enjoy using and some wipeable utensils we have been loving too.

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Go for a walk and explore with your child. For younger children help them find the correct word by slowly saying the word and emphasizing the first letter sound. Found an insect? Encourage your child to use their knowledge on letters or letter sounds to find the word on the scavenger hunt sheet for the insect they have found. Use tally marks to keep track of how many of each you find. Teach your child about tally marks and how to make a line through 4 tally marks for the 5th. Explain how this helps you to easily add up the tally marks, because they are now grouped by 5. Depending on age/ability you can discuss/introduce counting by 5s and counting on.

click here to download this 3 page scavenger hunt


I hope you have a blast with this hunt!

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XO Eryka

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