Outside Exploring & Insect Life Cycles Activity

Outside Exploring & Insect Life Cycles Activity

I you have the chance to check out these super fun coloring pages and our book suggestions then you know all about life cycles of insects.

Step 1. Explore Outside & Collect Nature

What should I collect? Anything fun you find outside. Some examples are rocks, different size leaves, sticks, acorns, pine cones, bark & flowers.

While exploring discuss the life cycle your are going to make. For example, if you chose butterflies then talk about what may be great for an egg, and what might look similar shaped to a chrysalis. When it comes to the butterfly, you can discuss the body parts and what you think each nature treasure might be good for.

Step 2. Discuss the Life Cycle & Start Creating

Work together with your child to create a life cycle. You can bring your finds inside and do this on a baking tray or outside. We made ours outside and used chalk to create a work space. Depending on age and ability you can have your child write or trace the first letter of the insect name. You can also have them write or trace the full name. Discuss letter sounds while spelling the name together. (I.e. Say the B sound & then say, “What letter do you hear. B, that’s right! Now let’s make letter B.”) For older children you could have them write in their journal what you did during the activity so they can work on their handwriting, spelling and grammar skills.

How is this educational?

Science: Discussing nature, names of the life cycle & parts of the insect. Literacy: Exposure to insect names, insect body parts and names of nature treasures (I.e. acorn, daisy, maple leaf), exposure to letters, letter sounds & spelling of potentially new words. Math: Counting how many pieces of each treasure you may need to create your insect & sorting your treasure finds into groups.

I hope you guys are loving these insect themed activities.

XO Eryka

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