Insect Life Cycle Coloring Pages

Insect Life Cycle Coloring Pages

I linked a bunch of fun and free printable life cycles below. These are great for you to talk through with your child and then allow them some independent coloring time.

How is this educational? Coloring is important because it helps build hand strength & control for handwriting (fine motor skills). You are also working on science and math.

Optional idea: Share real life images of each stage so they can see what colors the insects are in each stage. For older children, teach them research skills and show them how to search for these images online. Discuss the life cycles and how many stages are in each life cycle. Discuss which ones have more or less.

Life Cycle Of A Butterfly

Life Cycle Of a Monarch

Life Cycle Of An Ant

Life Cycle of a LadyBug

Life Cycle Of a Dragonfly

Life Cycle Of a Praying Mantis

For all of you homeschooling, you can find more educational bug & insect themed activities by clicking here.

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