Make Daily Transitions Easier with a Sensory Kleenex Tissue Box

Make Daily Transitions Easier with a Sensory Kleenex Tissue Box

This post is sponsored by Kleenex, all opinions are my own.

I know many of us parents, we have not made a final decision on what school will look like for our kids this fall. For us, no matter what going back to school looks like, we have Kleenex® Ultra Soft™ on the list. Kleenex® Ultra Soft™ has 3 layers and is the perfect mix of softness and strength which helps to protect hands. Teaching good hygiene is so important in our home. For me using the right products makes all the difference, especially with little ones. 

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We aren’t sure what school will look like for Izzy this fall, but I still plan to help her learn and grow. This is why I wanted to share a fun tissue box activity with you all.  

This tissue box will be fun to create with your kids. Plus it makes choosing the next activity more fun for them and the transition to a maybe less preferred educational task or chore, much easier for you and your child. 

Bonus, your child is learning more about the sense of touch, getting sensory experiences throughout the day, and working on a better understanding of descriptive words/new vocabulary. To make it more interesting for older kids, you could add new descriptive vocabulary each week. 

Here is how it works:

1. Decorate Your Kleenex Box

2. Find Fun Items That Can Be Used In The Box

Example: coins, pom poms, cotton balls, a rock, a pebble, a shell

3. Code The Items Based On How They Feel

For Example: Soft & Squishy = Science (a pom pom, a cotton ball) or Hard & Smooth = Math (a cork, a pebble, sea glass)

For Example: Flat & Bumpy = Making their bed (coin, small toy)

Optional, for older kids you can write this out and post it near the box, for younger kids you may want to add a picture of items & what they will be.

4. Create The Rules

There are two ways you can go about this. 1. You can put one item in at a time and be in full control of what subject/activity your child is doing. 2. You can put all the items in for your child to reach in and feel and let them grab the one they want to start with first. Chose what is best for your child. I personally find the second option to be better. It allows your child to feel more empowered and gain some sense of control over what their day will be like.

5. Model How It Will Work

Stick your hand in & describe what you have in your hand. Tell your child how it feels, then pull it out. Now show/tell them what you pulled out and what that would mean their next chore/activity will be. Ideas: Free time, Tablet Time, House Chore, A Subject ex: Science, Math, Reading. You can set a timer for your child per each item. Again, it’s best if your child can see the timer. They could be choosing each time the timer goes off or they could be choosing every hour. However you want to do it. Keep in mind, you may want to give them a larger “free time” time frame than reading (especially if reading is un preferred.)

I hope you all have a blast with this activity! I hope this is a helpful way to move transition through the day this summer and this coming school year. No matter how you decide this school year will go, based on all of these new and unknown circumstances, let’s make life a little more fun for our kids- click here to shop Kleenex and get started! 

XO Eryka

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