Back To School & Homeschooling Must Haves

Back To School & Homeschooling Must Haves

Okay guys, with back to school starting for some and coming soon for others, I decided it was time I pulled a must haves blog post together for you guys. I tried to break it all down in easy to search categories.

First I want to say, if you are new to this… it’s going to be okay. I have been working full time with Izzy home her whole life. Last year was the first time I had a “break” from mom life during my work week. Izzy was in Montessori 3 days a week for 3 hours each day. So, not a ton of time, but it was something.

Some links in this post may bring a small commission. These help to keep this blog running, so I can keep creating content like this for you all.


Independence is key you guys! If you haven’t really done this whole, working from home with kids think, this is one of my best tips for “home” management. If your kids can more freely snack or grab their lunch from the fridge or a cooler, then you won’t be interrupted as much.

Organizing & Decorating

An organized space helps children to learn where things go, so they can clean up. Less clean up for you, means more freed up time during the day. Use that for teaching your kids, playing with them or getting your work/chores done.


I plan to switch out posters on the wall in Izzy’s learning space. Based on what we are focusing on for that week/month. I think this will be a fun way to keep the space new and will provide extra learning support for older children, when parents are busy.

Handwriting & Fine Motor


Literacy is the ability to read & write. I listed a ton of items below, but if you want more lessons & detailed support from me on reading, go to my blog post: Teaching Pre Writing & Writing Skills.




Gross Motor

Outside Learning Gear

Just because it’s raining or snowing, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get outside! We have been loving Reima gear because they create quality clothing and accessories that last. Being in Maine, we need seasonal gear that doesn’t just look the part, it needs to be functional. I have found Reima products are super functional. Bonus they have clothing and accessories for every season. I’m sharing some rain favorites with you all, linked below. For 20% off on Reima gear you can use our code: BUSYIZZYXREIMA20

For Rainy Days:

I hope you guys found these tips and easy shop lists helpful!

XO Eryka

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