Rainy Day, Flower Pot Craft

Rainy Day, Flower Pot Craft

It’s been pretty rainy the past few weeks. Izzy said, “Do you know what we need to do? We need to brighten up the house with some beautiful flowers!” I told her that was a great idea and thus our little craft was born.

I grabbed a can from the recycling bin and a bunch of crafting items. Then Izzy and I let our imagination guide us as we created flowers and a little flower pot for the window.

Craft Details

We used popsicle sticks as the flower stems and green card stock paper as the leaves. If you don’t have popsicle sticks, you could gather some sticks from outside and paint them green.

We used tissue paper for the flower petals & buttons for the anthers (center of the flower). While crafting use scientific terminology with your kids so they can learn new terms when naming flower parts.

While Izzy was making her flowers I wrapped the can in paper, transforming it into a flower pot.

As Izzy’s flowers dried she helped me fill the flower pot. We used brown tissue paper as the soil.

Next Izzy wanted to add some grass, once she saw this left over easter basket filler in my tissue paper bin. It was honestly genius, because it really helps to hold the flowers in place.

We hope you have fun learning about flowers and creating this rainy day craft!

Wrap a can in paper. This will be your flower pot.
Scrunch up some tissue paper…
and stick it in the can.
Now add some crinkle cut paper on top.
Time to create your flowers!
We used colored paper, tissue paper, buttons, popsicle sticks & glue.
Once dry, place the flowers in the pot. Display in your window for everyone to enjoy.
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XO Eryka

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