Ideas for Showing Teacher Love & Appreciation

Ideas for Showing Teacher Love & Appreciation

This post is sponsored by on behalf of The Quaker Oats Company.

Izzy and I are so thankful for the school year she had. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher to help Izzy transition from being at home full time her whole life to part time prek. When the school year was cut short, Izzy’s teacher stayed in touch by creating a facebook group for the school. The kids could join in on a live circle time or watch recordings. Her teacher sang a good morning song, every circle & she never failed to say every child’s name at the school. We are so thankful for Izzy’s first school experience. Being a former teacher, I know the hard work that goes into creating a happy, loving & exciting environment for children to learn and grow.

This is why I’m so excited we teamed up with Quaker to encourage you all to spread the love to our teachers. I’m sharing our ideas below. Izzy snacked on her favorite Quaker snacks while we worked on the gifts for her teacher. Izzy’s favorites are the blueberry whole grain bites and the strawberry bars. I love that these snacks have 11-19g of 100% Whole Grains per serving, no artificial flavors, no added colors & 5-6g of sugar. You guys can learn more about Quaker Kids Organic here.

For Izzy’s teacher we created a homemade goody basket that we are going to drop at the school for her to pick up.

Have you ever made a woven basket with paper? It’s pretty fun and great fine motor for kids. First the parent cuts a piece of paper into a square. Now take a ruler to create another square inside. Make sure the lines go all the way across to the ends. This is how you can cut small squares from each corner.

Next the parent cuts long slits that you will later be weaving paper into. Fold the edges (cut pieces) up. Now cut long strips of paper to weave into the basket. As I weave, I use tape to help hold a piece in place until I can get all the way around. At the end we added a long strip to be the handle. Izzy also suggested we add a little heart to the handle.

To go in our basket, Izzy’s made little letters to her teacher. She drew pictures and I wrote what she wanted to say on the back of each one.

Izzy said, “That’s me and my teacher. We are giving each other our hearts, because I love her and she loves me.”

You can also download this free We Love Our Teachers coloring page here. Then have your kid(s) color the page. On the back you or your child can write a little letter to their teacher, telling them how much you miss/appreciate them.

Lastly, we put a little flower that Izzy has been growing in the basket for her teacher to enjoy and plant at home.

XO Eryka

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