Color Scavenger Hunt

Color Scavenger Hunt

Whether you are stuck in doors or heading outside, a color scavenger hunt is a fun activity for kids of all ages. Bonus, it can be educational too! I added two printable PDFs below! Laminate them to use over and over.

How can a color scavenger hunt be educational? Well for starters you your child could be working on problem solving, color recognition, letter recognition, letter sounds, reading, spelling, writing and counting.

Cognitive Development & Problem Solving: As your child searches for different items, looks on the paper for colors that match etc they are using their problem solving skills. As your child finds different things you can also ask then to describe it to you. You can even ask questions to help them think more about each item. “How does it feel? Is it soft? Is it bumpy?” Expand on their thoughts & give them choices. With Izzy, there are many sncearos during the day she can chose between things so I’ll say, “It’s your choice.” That is very empowering and great for the growth of a child’s self esteem. “Wow that color is kind of blue and kind of green. Do you want to add it to the blue or green category? It’s your choice.”

Letter Recognition: Point to the letter with your child and ask them to name them. If you are outside, you can take some items you collected or found on your nature walk and create a letter. For example, use all your green finds to create a letter G.

Letter Sounds: As you point out each letter and name it, you can then say the letter sound. If you have been working on letter sounds you can ask you child, “What sound does R make?”

Color Recognition: Your child is learning their colors and their ability to name them as they find items in varying shades.

Reading: Have your child work on reading the colors.

Spelling: Have your child work on spelling the colors.

Counting: Make tally marks with your child as they find items in each color. Then have the child count up the tally marks. Depending on their age, you can then have them work on writing their numbers too.

Writing: Have your child work on writing letters and numbers. Even if they can’t spell, you can still tell them each letter to write and coach them or give them hand over hand support while writing each letter.

Click Here to Download! Color-Scavenger-Hunt

Click Here to Download! Color-Scavenger-Hunt-Writing-Words

Have a blast!

XO Eryka

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