Creating A Small Office Space

Creating A Small Office Space

I did it, I created a tiny office space for myself!

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You may or may not know this, but we moved to Maine last year. When choosing a home, we knew we would be getting a smaller home and it would have less rooms. Our home is a 3 bedroom. We have Izzy’s room, our room and the guest room which doubles as Joe’s office. I’ve been a floater with my computer and “stuff.” I really just wanted a place to keep my computer, camera, camera gear etc. So I made a tiny office space in my master closet. It’s been working out great and I even jazzed it up with removable wallpaper to give it an extra homey vibe. Basically, I didn’t want to feel like I was working in a closet.

The first thing I took time thinking about was where in my closet did I want to create my office space. Once I made that decision I started looking at desk options. I thought about having a floating desk and even looked at desks what fold up into the wall. The problem was, I didn’t want to drill into the walls and I wanted something that could be moved to a different space in the house or my closet, if I changed my mind. So ultimately I went with this ladder desk & I love it!

Here are some other small/simple office desk options.

The desk wasn’t difficult for my husband to put together. No, I don’t put furniture together, that’s not my thing.

I love the simple design of the desk, the size and the fact that the shelves allow me to add some decor to the wall space, without drilling into the wall.

Speaking of the wall, I felt it needed a little TLC. I needed something to make me feel cozy and like I was truly in a little office space vs my closet. This is why I decided on removable wallpaper. There are a lot of companies that make removable wallpaper these days, but they aren’t all great. The reason I specially chose Loomwell for my removable wallpaper is they make quality products. I know this because I’ve used their removable wallpaper before. I think over the course of 3 years, I’ve now put up Loomwell removable wallpaper 3 times. Once in our last home and twice in this home. Check out Izzy’s room here.

Use our Loomwell 15% off code: BUSY15

Anyway, the wallpaper is very forgiving. If it sticks together or you need to pull it off the wall and re stick it on, over and over, no problem. For me, these hiccups have never negatively impacted the wallpaper. I’ll tell you, the first piece is the hardest, because you want it level, so the rest of the pieces continue to be level as you line them up with that first one. However it’s not hard enough that I wouldn’t do it again, obviously, I’ve done it 3 times now.

Next I thought about decor. I wanted pictures, flowers & Izzy’s art. Izzy is always making me art work. Am I done decorating? Definitely not! I’ll continue to move things around and add more photos. I plan to print some recent ones of the family and Izzy to add as well.

I linked some decor options here, along with the custom books.

Lastly, my chair…

This chair I have had since high school… yes high school. I couldn’t decide on a chair, I still haven’t. Because of my indecisiveness, I’m making this one work for now. It was bit ornate at the top, so I added some burlap to give it a simple farmhouse look.

Alright, that’s about it for my office I guess. I hope I gave you a little inspiration for your office space.

XO Eryka

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