Educational & Fun Crafts, Activity Books + More

Educational & Fun Crafts, Activity Books + More

Alright guys, many of us have our children home. Education should continue at home since we may have them out of school for well over 2 weeks. All play is a learning experience for our kids, so I listed not only some amazing workbooks, but also activities, activity books, art supplies and crafting sets for you guys to try out with your kids.

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Activity Books

We have tried almost all of these. They are all fun and entertaining. Depending on the age of your child, you may need to give them some support. I find it to be a fun bonding time, when we do some of these. I read directions to her, sometimes model what to do, but she can mostly do them independently. If your kids can read, they may be able to do these all on their own.

MISC Activity Books

These activity books touch on more than one category (ie. math, science, literacy.)

Science Activity Books

Math Activity Books

Literacy Activity Books

These activity books support literacy skills and work on skills such as letter recognition, reading, writing.

Frozen 2 Activity Books

Crafting & Art

Art Supplies


Educational Activities

Math & Science Activities you can purchase

Literacy & Fine Motor Activities you can purchase

Shamrock & Rainbow Activites

Click here for multiple hands on shamrock & rainbow activities.

Stained Glass with Tissue Paper

Click here for kid friendly stained glass activities

Educational Activities with Jelly Beans

Click here for STEM jelly bean activities

Salt Painting Science Experiment

Click here for salt painting activities

Homemade Bird Feeder

Click here for a fun DIY bird feeder activity

Gross Motor Fun

Have fun, keep your kids minds thinking & engaged in playful exploration.

XO Eryka

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