Salt Snowflake Painting

Salt Snowflake Painting

We really enjoy snowflake salt painting. It’s a super fun way to bring art and science together. Another bonus, depending on how you approach this activity, it can also be considered a STEM activity.

What You Need:
Thick Paper (construction or watercolor paper is great)
Elmers Glue
Water Colors (paint)
A Paint Brush

Step 1:
Draw snowflakes on the paper with a pen.

Depending on your child’s age and ability, you can model a snowflake, then have them draw one as well. Discuss how snowflakes are symmetrical and what that means.

Step 2:
Trace the snowflakes with glue. Then pour salt over the glue traced snowflakes. Some people let them dry a bit after, however we didn’t.

Step 3:
Prep your watercolors and be sure to make them pretty wet. Then dab the snowflake and watch the colors move through the salt and across the snowflake. If you didn’t let them dry before moving to this step, dab gently. If you have a younger child that struggles with that concept or they haven’t mastered the ability to control how they are pushing down, let the glue dry before starting step 3.

Extra things to do with Step 3:
1. Add different colors to discuss mixing colors. ex: Dab with blue paint, then yellow and watch them mix in the middle to make green.
2. With children ages 3+ you can discuss how salt absorbs moisture. For those living in areas with snow/ice in during the year, you can also talk about this is why people put salt on the road or a driveway to help melt ice.

I hope you guys enjoy this colorful and engaging activity

XO Eryka

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