Izzy’s Woodland Themed Bedroom

Izzy LOVES being outside! She truly lives for it & honestly I do too. So for the days we are stuck inside I wanted to create a woodland themed room for Izzy to grow, play and sleep in. I hope you enjoy skimming through the photos and taking a peek into Izzy’s room.

I linked her room and other great woodland/forest themed decor and more after all of the photos, at the bottom of the post.

Izzy’s wallpaper is one of my favorite parts about the room. It makes the room feel like you are truly outside in a forest. I loved the white birch because it’s such a neutral design. I’ve been asked asked a lot about the wallpaper and where it’s from. We used removable wallpaper from Loomwell, because we used their removable wallpaper in our previous home. It’s super forgiving wallpaper and easy to put up. You can put a piece up and peel it off, over and over… if needed. Ask me how I know. The first piece is the hardest, because walls and ceilings are not perfect. This means, you have to get it level so that the rest continue to be level as well. Don’t let that scare you, it’s truly not crazy hard.

For 15% off at Loomwell, use code: BUSY15

Izzy’s darling Adirondack set is from a US based company called Little Colorado. I linked some options for you guys, if you scroll to the end of this blog post. I chose to have this set in Izzy’s room because I felt like it tied the outdoor feel together in her room. You could even try a picnic table if you prefer.

The bed was made by Izzy’s daddy, but I linked a bunch of fun options for you guys. Keep on scrolling.

Recently, I moved Izzy’s room around. I love to switch things up in the house, her room included. I put the kitchen over near the windows, but since we have the wall hooks on two walls in the room, it made that rearranging super easy.

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Happy decorating guys!

XO Eryka

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