Creating Holiday Houses with Honey Maid graham crackers

Creating Holiday Houses with Honey Maid graham crackers

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Izzy loves crafting and decorating. Her little creative mind always impresses me. Even Izzy’s teachers express their love for her imagination. She recently started asking me when we would start on our holiday houses. It’s tradition, we do this every year, sometimes more than once. This year our first attempt was a fail. I tried making my own icing and it was wayyy too watered down. The houses looked messy and were falling apart left and right. For round 2 we used Honey Maid graham crackers to create our mini holiday town & I didn’t attempt to making a frosting, I bought some at Walmart, along with our Honey Maid graham crackers and holiday house “decor.” So here you have 5 big reasons I love this tradition of ours.

5 Reasons I Love Creating Holiday Houses with Izzy

1. It’s an Educational Experience

I enjoy creating with Izzy because we can bond & I can teach. Most of you that follow our blog closely know I am a former early education teacher.

Izzy is working on her fine motor skills when helping put the houses together & adding candy decorations. She’s working on language skills as she requests for items and as I introduce new vocabulary. Izzy is also working on cognitive development when problem solving during the construction and decoration of the holiday homes. And maybe most importantly, Izzy is working on social skills as we talk turns taking, building, decorating and sharing a creative space.

2.It’s a yummy snack & treat while creating

Honey Maid graham crackers are one of Izzy’s favorite snacks & therefore sometimes too irresistible not to taste during our creations, but I’m 100% okay with that. #momwin

3. It’s a great bonding experience

The time we get together, focused on each other, is special and so important to me. Izzy matures more and more everyday, so I find there are always new things to learn about her. Plus I learn about her new likes and dislikes as we walked through Walmart picking out our Honey Maid graham crackers & Holiday Homes decor I.e. candy, Oreos and frostings.

4. It Encourages Creativity, Imagination & Self Esteem

I think it’s so important for children to be given the opportunity to get creative & problem solve, which kind of ties into my #5. However on the mindset of imagination & self expression I like to also consider this as Izzy’s art. Izzy had a clear vision for each little house and I let her big ideas take the wheel. Allowing Izzy to “be in charge” & “call the shots” is great for her self esteem. So does encouraging your child, even if they need to rethink or try a new strategy during building or decorating.

5. It Encourages the Development of Math & Engineering Skills

I know this kind of falls under educational, but honestly I feel like this one requires it’s own. For years young women have not been encouraged to strengthen their math and engineering skills & due to stereotypes often do not pursue a career in engineering. Izzy’s daddy is a software engineer. Beyond coding, he LOVES building and creating especially now with his little girl. I see this passion to invent and build in Izzy as well and look to encourage it any chance I get.

Have you built your holiday houses yet this year? Have you tried creating them with Honey Maid graham crackers before? Head to your local Walmart or to get your Honey Maid graham crackers & all of your Holiday Home decorating needs.

XO Eryka

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