Budget Friendly Tips for Farmhouse Style Decorating & Entertaining

Budget Friendly Tips for Farmhouse Style Decorating & Entertaining

Thank you Capital One for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. All information contained within is accurate at the time of posting.

Do you have a favorite season you decorate for? Our family loves the changes each new season brings. Creating a festive home is a must for us, from seasonal recipes to scented candles & beyond. Plus, I’m kind of obsessed with hosting people at our house.

When decorating or preparing to host, we look for savings, which is why Walmart is always our first stop for decor and recipe items. If you already shop at Walmart, then you likely already know about their great prices. But guys, now you can get the most out of your money when shopping at Walmart with the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card.I’m most excited about the 5% back on Walmart.com and in-store purchases with Walmart Pay for the first 12 months after approval.

Ready, set, scroll through this post for some photos of our decor and for my budget friendly tips, plus more information on how you can benefit from the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card.

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Okay, let’s start with my step number one when decorating or planning to host. Planning ahead which items go together and fit my budget has been a big help & time saver on returns. Because of this, prior to hosting/decorating, I create lists with my Walmart app. This allows me to visually see what items I have and if I’m staying within my budget. Bonus, using Walmart Pay in store with your Capital One Walmart Rewards Card, you will get 5% back from your décor haul, for the first 12 months after approval. I also love that I can feel more secure using Capital One’s digital tools such as real-time purchase notifications & security alerts. Plus having the ability to lock and unlock your card via the Capital One Mobile app makes puts my forgetful brain at ease. Bonus, if this card is lost or stolen you have 0% fraud liability.

Another reason our family is excited about the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card is this card rewards its customers for shopping at Walmart and on the purchases they make everywhere the card is accepted. This simply means you can continue to benefit from this the card outside of your Walmart purchases. This includes 1% back on purchases made outside of Walmart, which I find to be especially helpful when traveling. On the topic of travel, you get 2% back on travel and restaurants with your Capital One Walmart Rewards Card. Guys, this card was clearly designed to be the card-of-choice for all shoppers! 

Step two, I order online or shop in-store with the items I pulled together on my list. I saw a tiered tray online and decided, in order to stay in budget, I’d create my own. I linked the items I used below to create my 2 tier tray stand. Since I had the white paint in my cart, I figured I’d add gold to the cart as well. This allowed me to transform my orange pumpkins to a simple farmhouse style white with a pop of gold on the stems. All goodies are linked below!

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Step three take boring appetizers to a creative level. The food you serve when hosting will look more festive and expensive if you pay attention to your presentation. This cheese ball pumpkin is super easy to make! All you need is spreadable cheese, I used port wine cheese. Put it on wax paper and roll into a ball, touching only with the wax paper. To add the details, I used a butter knife and pulled from top to bottom on the cheese ball. Lastly you need to add the stem. Get creative and have fun! To finish your pumpkin, use a real stem from a small pumpkin, a pretzel stick or even a meat stick.

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Step four, utilize as many ways as you can to benefit from your purchases. This may be, getting items that can be used from year to year, year round or utilizing a card that rewards you for your purchases.

Guys, go ahead and apply for the card via text, Walmart.com/credit, or your Walmart app. Once approved for instant credit you will get immediate access to the card benefits, because this card can easily be loaded into your Walmart app for in-store use or on Walmart.com. Click here for more details on the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card & how it can benefit you.

Tell me, what did/would you treat yourself or your family to from purchases with your new Capital One Walmart Rewards Card?

XO Eryka

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