Homemade Apple Bird Feeder

Homemade Apple Bird Feeder

With fall finally here and apple farm fun in full swing, Izzy and I decided to get creative with an apple. We love watching the birds in our yard at our feeder. Izzy felt the need to give the birds that stay here in Maine, year round, some treats.

Step 1: adult only, Slice an apple in half.

Step 2: adult or child, Use spoon to cut out some of the apple.

Step 3: adult or child, Add peanut butter to cut out area of apple.

Step 4: adult or child, Add bird seed to the peanut butter.

Step 5: adult or child, Wrap apple in foil and place in the freezer for 15+ minutes.

Step 6: adult or child, Remove apple from freezer and foil.

Step 7: adult, or adult supervision, Wrap string or wire around the apple or stem and hang from a tree branch.

Step 8: Enjoy watching the birds & other critters much on your creation.

XO Eryka

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