Tips for Cleaner Eating During the Week

Tips for Cleaner Eating During the Week

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We moved this past spring, and I fell out of daily routines. I finally felt settled, just in time for more changes. Izzy started school & she’s been home with me the whole 4.5 year of her existence. I did think I’d be celebrating a bit of “freedom” however I’ve had all the mommy feels about it. On top of all those emotions, the mornings and afternoons have become a bit busier. Izzy is in part time pre k. This means I drop her off around 8:45am and pick her up by 12pm. So as you can see, lunch can get a little lost. Izzy gets home and is ready for all her needs to be met, understandably, she’s 4.

Anyway, I’ve been determined to get into a routine that benefits both of us. That includes getting back to my routine of better and cleaner eating during the week.

Here are 3 ways I have been getting back into a routine of eating cleaner. Leftovers * Meal Prep * Ready Made Meals

Leftovers I LOVE, but I can’t always count on them. Here is why, 1. I have no idea how much we will eat at dinner. Because of this, I may think I prepared a large amount of food and come to find out, it was only enough for dinner. Guys, my husband is over 6 feet tall and eats like a growing teenage boy. 2. I sometimes just don’t want to make a massive amount of food. It’s just that much more shredding, shaving or chopping… which takes up time I need to get work and errands completed.

Meal prep I do least. I life variation so I don’t want a million things in the fridge that taste the same and it get tedious making a bunch of different things at once. But I have done it and do meal prep on occasion.

Ready made meals are great because they are easy and as long as I have some in the fridge/freezer then I can quickly prepare myself a meal. I’m sharing 3 different ready made meals I have recently tried and found to be quality & delicious. They have been easy to prepare and eat while working and juggling motherhood. Plus, if I don’t have enough leftover from dinner for lunch, I can easily fall back on good eats that are in the fridge/frozen & ready made.

The Evol Cilantro Lime Chicken Burrito has a great taste and texture. Plus as you guys know I’ve been transitioning back to clean eating more often than not, since the stress of our move put my diet out of wack. There is nothing artificial in the Evol cilantro lime chicken burrito. In fact this burrito is filled with white meat chicken raised without antibiotics, in combination with black beans, brown rice, cheddar cheese, roasted corn and an authentic tomato salsa hand rolled together in an insanely tasty flour tortilla. Evol has a commitment to quality and I appreciate that.

I’m a veggie & pasta lover and I have found the Birds Eye Veggie MadeTM Chicken Alfredo Bowl single serve bowls to be delicious plus they are made with premium ingredients. This chicken bowl brought my two favorites together! How so? The pasta is made from 100% vegetables! With this chicken bowl you are getting a half-cup of vegetables per serving! It has been a nutritious alternative to other frozen meals.

The Mango Edamame Healthy Choice Vegetarian Power Bowls is a deliciously bold flavored vegetarian bowl. When I’m craving a pow of flavors and textures I dig into this bowl, which has drizzled red wine vinaigrette on an irresistible mix of vegetarian ingredients. What ingredients you ask? Well, crisp edamame, sweet mango, dried cherries and sunflower seeds served on a base of whole grains. These ingredients give this bowl a distinct and delicious taste, which has left me craving this bowl pretty often.

Sometimes food can be a little getaway for me. I like to call myself a self proclaimed foodie. This is why taste and quality is so important to me.

I think I’ve got this food thing down, now to work on upping my water intake in the midst of this motherhood and work juggling act.

Have you tried any of these tips before? What works best for you?

XO Eryka

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