Cozy Chic Cabin Style Master Bedroom

Cozy Chic Cabin Style Master Bedroom

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You know, I never felt like our master was truly complete in GA. After moving from GA back to my home state of Maine, I knew I wanted to complete our master look by incorporating some cozy cabin vibes.

We used the same bedroom set from our last home and then basically the rest was a blank slate. The first thing I looked at was the bedding.

I wanted colors and a style that would look great year round. After lots of back and forth with styles & searching I stumbled upon a local store called Cuddledown. We went into the Freeport, ME location to see the bedding in person. My husband and I love plaid & decided the green and blue would give a nice pop of color to our room. We also looked at a gray plaid, but I felt the room needed a color pop and that gray could potentially clash with the color of our bedroom set. I picked sheets that would meet our spring & summer needs and some flannel ones for the winter & fall. I also love adding blanket layers in the winter, which is why I also decided on the ivory quilted fleece blanket. In the spring & summer, it’s a great throw and in the winter & fall I make it into the bed under the comforter.

Cuddledown Plaid Bedding | Cuddledown Quilted Fleece Blanket

A bench at the end of the bed was something we discussed in our last home. I decided it was a must for this room and bit the bullet on this tufted bench matching our bedroom set. It really completed the room, plus the whole family has used this tufted bench countless times. It’s gorgeous and totally a timeless piece.

Dorel Living Tufted Bench | Wireless Phone Charging Lamps

These wireless charging lamps have been life changing to have in the bedroom! We can just lay our phones on them and they charge. That means no fumbling for cords to plug or unplug while in bed. I also love they just go with the vibe of the room. They are simple and could fit in with many styles.

Faux Lavender & Pottery | Faux Plant | Minted Art | Dog Crate

I hope this post brings a little inspiration to you while you decorate and plan bedrooms in your home.

XO Eryka

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