Creating A Positive Back To School Experience

Creating A Positive Back To School Experience

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Izzy will be starting school this fall. This will be our first time being away from each other on a schedule. Izzy has stayed with her grandparents for sleepovers and I’ve been away from her while settling the house after our move and while taking a vacation with her daddy. So we have been apart, but not like this. This will be her first time in any form of school/day care.

Although I’m an educator and birth through five major, it still causes me a little bit of anxiety knowing someone else will be in charge of keeping her alive, happy and thriving. Yes, I’m also very excited for this scheduled break from that big responsibility.

But enough about me and my ability to cope and transition with this change ahead. I wanted to share with you how you can support your child. It may be that your child is experiencing their first time in school, first time at a new school, or moving to a new classroom or grade. Regardless of what the transition may be, this is how we are working to alleviate anxieties and create a mindset that turns school into a positive and exciting place.


Step 1

Create Excitement

Izzy and I had a School Party and discussed her new school, in theme with the new Mo Willems book released July 2nd, The Pigeon HAS to Go to School! It’s been another great addition to our Mo Willems collection and was released just in time for us to support our party and in creating excitement about school and easing any jitters.

Having a party creates excitement about school and supports positive feelings with the word “school”, which may otherwise have a negative connotation. Not to mention, setting up for the party was so much fun for Izzy. I truly believe, the more positive experiences I can give her with the word school the better off she’ll be. Why? Putting your child in a positive mindset helps set them up for success.

Also, if you have a class list, you could potentially even invite some of your child’s new classmates to celebrate and become familiar with each other. This specially can help with the unknown anxieties of new classmates and not knowing what to expect.


Step 2

Discuss or Act Out Some Of Their School Day

Izzy couldn’t wait for the party to start to have some special one on one time on our comfy story area. We read Mo Willems’ new book, The Pigeon HAS to Go to School! Izzy couldn’t wait for the party to start to have some special one on one time on our comfy story area. We read Mo Willems’ new book, The Pigeon HAS to Go to School! This book touches on anxieties that your children may be experiencing. The Pigeon openly explains all of his worries. He connected with Izzy and her stresses. By gaining her trust and connecting with her, she felt a sense of relief at the end when the story concludes by giving many positives of school and the Pigeon sharing his excitement. This book supports teaching your child to think positively about their new school experience.

And because Izzy will be attending pre k, story time is most certainly something she will experience there. This is why we created a cozy story time space.

Step 3

Visit New School/Classroom

Most schools have an open house time where you can go see the classroom, meet the teacher and even classmates. You can also request a tour prior to this, if you think that your child may need it. Allowing your child to become familiar with the school, classroom, teacher and students will help reduce some of those anxieties they feel, due to all the new unknowns.


I hope these steps are helpful for you and your child as they transition to their new school experience this year. Have you tried any of these tips before? Have you read Mo Willems book The Pigeon HAS to Go to School!, with your child?

XO Eryka



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