C is for Car Activity

C is for Car Activity

As promised I’m putting our alphabet activities on the blog. This activity is a fun way to explore creating letter C. While participating in this activity your child is also building their fine motor skills and practicing following directions. We have been loving the 4 Weeks to Read program and this activity is a perfect support to the program. Use our code Izzy15 for and extra 15% off your order.


What you will need.

soft clay or play dough & a toy car, optional, for added fun- light table

Step 1

First let your child choose black play dough for a paved road or brown play dough for a dirt/muddy road. Now roll the dough into a long tube shape. Model this for your child while they practice next to you.

Step 2

Now shape the piece into a curve for letter C. Support your child if needed. As you curve the the play dough into a letter C say, “Letter C is for Car.” Then say the letter C sound, ie: “C C C Car.”

Step 3

Time to squish the curve, so it’s flat and your toy car can drive on the road.

Step 4

Model how you start driving the car at the top of the letter C and curve it to the bottom. This will mimic writing letter C. When writing letters, it’s important to remind kids to start at the top. For extra fun, turn on your light table and change the colors while you drive the car.


I hope you found this activity to be super fun and it inspires you to work on letters with your kids. Find more letter support here.

XO Eryka



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