Patriotic Painting Activity for Kids

Patriotic Painting Activity for Kids

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Painting is one of my daughter’s favorite things to do. We always explore new ways to create art with paint. For the 4th Izzy created a flag with corks and paint. If you don’t have corks, you can use pom poms and close pins or chip clips. They can hold the clip and create little dots.

It was a great learning experience because we talked about how many white stripes are on the flag and how many red ones. She was able to work on math skills as well. She counted and we discussed how she created a pattern with the white and red stripes.

We used a light table to create our art because light tables allow for colors to become more vibrant and can help a child to focus and attend to a task for longer periods. 


Another fun activity we did for the 4th was creating fireworks. We used the paint brushes I linked below to easily create a firework affect. This is a simple and easy activity that most children should enjoy and be able to do.


Hope you have a blast creating patriotic art.

XO Eryka


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